How to Make 100% Vegan Spanish Vegetable Paella

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Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that brings rice, vegetables, and mouthwatering flavors to the table. It’s a family-style simple meal that’s served right from the pot! When our daughter traveled to Spain and came home raving about paella, I decided to create a whole food plant-base, oil-free version that we all could enjoy. The flavors begin with beautiful saffron rice and an assortment of spices that are sure to warm your belly.

I cheated on so many levels with this paella because I wanted to use brown rice, no oil, and no seafood. Cooking brown rice all in one pot with the vegetables would have over cooked the vibrant vegetables, so I cooked the saffron rice in a separate pot. I even cheated more when I cooked the rice in the Instant Pot®, which makes perfect rice every time. Now when I build paella, I always start with a cooked brown saffron rice straight from my Instant Pot.

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Spanish Vegetable Paella recipe:


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Roger Exline says:

I love your recipes Kim. Aren't daughters wonderful and she is so cute too! Thanks to you both for this recipe!

Mary C says:

I wouldn’t use Turmeric because of the strong flavor! Is better to use Azafran powder!

Charlotte Baumann says:

Was the saffron powder or sticks

Patricia DeMartino says:

I'll be making this. My husband used to love paella. Thanks, Kim & Laura!

Hein Dattel says:

Awesome.⭐💚 Thank you

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