Perfect Vegetarian Paella | Vegan Paella Recipe | How to Cook Vegan Spanish Paella

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#Paella #vegan_paella #vegan_food
⏭ This is possibly the Best rice dish in the world🌍
⏭ In this video I’m gonna show you how to make Spanish 🇪🇸 Widowed Rice
⏭ using simple ingredients .
⏭ It’s delicious, healthy, very nutritious and easy to prepare .
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Najat Aguilal says:

This looks very good. What kind of rice do I need?

Issam Mahfoud says:

Good idea, thank bro

zineb aguilal says:

Waaaaaaaw i m really impatient to try it 😋😋😋🥰

Marie Ben says:

Awesome chef

Daniella Hams says:

I m really Happy to be one of your followers chef !!! Thank you for this recipe !!!

Judie Ben says:


Charl ABD says:

GREAT !!!! I love Spanish food

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