Testing Rainbow Plant Life's FAMOUS Vegan Red Lentil Curry Recipe | Worth The Hype?!

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Hi friends! Today we’re doing something a little different…I’m testing Nisha’s (from Rainbow Plant Life) vegan red lentil curry recipe that has been getting a lot of buzz lately! I wanted to make this red lentil curry anyway because I LOVE a good curry, so why not make it together?!

Nisha’s channel (RainbowPlantLife): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbZvuDA_tZ6XP5wKKFuemQ

Recipe blog post: https://rainbowplantlife.com/vegan-red-lentil-curry/

My Chickpea Curry Recipe: https://youtu.be/vGB5VVlXMYw

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KJ says:

It’s amazeballs!!!!

Ann says:

I love this recipe! I’m Indian and always thought I had to cook my onions/garlic/spices in oil, never thought I could just use water. I’m gonna start doing that!!

Brenda Farris says:

Oh my stars! Gotta be making me some of this! Thx for the review.

Patty Watson says:

Will have to try this version. I like yours with the veggies and chickpeas.,

C Williams says:

Please oil that cast iron! If you take care of it properly, it will last forever.

Muriel Mae Peaches says:

I love this recipe. I love you both❤️ I don't use oil too❤️

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