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FALAFEL SPICE LENTIL SALAD SANDWICH 🔸Get the WRITTEN RECIPE here – https://www.veganricha.com/falafel-spice-lentil-salad-sandwich/ 🔸SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/veganricharecipes?sub_confirmation=1 Why make just Chickpea salad sandwiches when you can whip up this Falafel Spice Lentil Salad Sandwich with lemony tahini [More]
One of Lauren’s weeknight standbys — cheap, easy, healthy and tasty. ***RECIPE, MAKES 8-10 LARGE TACOS / SMALL BURRITOS *** 1 cup (200 g) dry lentils 1 small onion 1 small red bell pepper 1 [More]
Sweet potato 🍠 chickpea & lentil curry 2 x onions 🧅 Mushrooms 🍄 1 x red pepper 1 x yellow pepper 1 red chilli 🌶 1 x green chilli 5 x garlic 🧄 cloves Fresh [More]
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This was 💯 great success, even my pickiest son, Daniel ate it😅. It’s a must try guys, you won’t regret it, promise. Sweet, creamy, full of vegetables and flavor. Easy and quick to make and [More]
Learn how to make a healthy, vegan coconut curry lentil soup! This 30 minute recipe is easy to throw together for soup all week long. If you are a vegan or simply looking to eat [More]
This easy vegan red lentil curry is mild in spice, thrifty, and so comforting. Ready in 30 minutes, simple to make, and a great recipe to start with if you are new to making curry! [More]
Vegan Lentil Curry Recipe…this curry lentil stew is so delicious and it is very nutritious. Lentils are a great source of protein, and it is gluten-free. Made with curry, coconut milk, and fresh spices. Serve [More]
Are you looking for easy lentils and rice recipe? How to cook one pot Mediterranean meals with rice and lentils? Nutritious grains play a big role in the Mediterranean diet and it not only entails [More]
This coconut curry red lentil stew is one of the quickest and most nutritious recipes from my forthcoming cookbook. And it can be made almost entirely of pantry items you already have on hand. Check [More]
Vegan Soup-er playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeuKI23qqunDmG-LYufmuEPJ0yL3J8LVj Recipe for Lentil soup with sun-dried tomatoes & spinach: http://www.brownvegan.com/blog/lentil-soup-w-sun-dried-tomatoes-spinach-recipe —————————————- EcoVeganGal: Split pea Sweet Potato Soup http://youtu.be/ukBZZmREcc0 Fellowship Vegetable: Creamy Potato Curry Soup http://youtu.be/4b74EPDrzx4 AstigVegan: Filipino Rice Porridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0bdQJq3IFM SimplyBakings: [More]
🥥coconut curry lentil soup 🥣 . . This fragrant and delicious soup is very easy to make, nutritional and full of protein and it’s vegan 🌱! . . #vegan #veganrecipes #lentils #lentilsoup #coconutcurry #coconut #curry [More]
Green Lentil Curry is hearty, wholesome, and comforting with a delicious blend of lentils, coconut milk, and several spices for a naturally vegan, protein packed meal. Cook on the stove, in an Instant Pot, crockpot, [More]
Red Lentil & Squash Curry | How to make Red Lentil Curry | Healthy and Easy Lentil & Pumpkin Curry ————– ▶️ Please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/FoodImpromptu ————– ▶️ Follow me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foodimpromptu.original Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/foodimpromptu ————– [More]
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Very tasty alternative to Meatloaf, these Thanksgiving recipies are the perfect comfort food packed with all the good macros. 100% plant based Please make this recipe and tell us how it turns out. Follow us [More]
—CHICKPEA – LENTIL AND SPINACH CURRY— Welcome to 1MINRECIPE channel! Here you will find some Amazing & Delicious Recipes and lots more! The type of recipes I like to make are: – Snack recipe & [More]
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Instant Pot Coconut Spinach Lentil Curry – A scrumptious Vegan meal with lots of fiber and nutrients from both the lentils and spinach. This Easy to make Instant Pot Coconut Spinach Lentil Curry or you [More]
This vegan chickpea and lentil curry is a healthy recipe packed full of delicious Indian flavours. It only takes 45 minutes to make and goes great with basmati rice or naan bread for a quick [More]
That day I was in a legumes mood so I made a salad and a soup with chickpeas, green lentils and various fresh produce at home for dinner. As I was cooking my favourite winter [More]
How to cook lentils and make them taste amazing! Sign up to get the PRINTABLE RECIPES + PDF GUIDE: http://bit.ly/34Bri7U It includes: *Info on different lentil varieties + when to use them *Tips for cooking [More]
★★★ BECOME A SUPPORTING MEMBER! ★★★ Help us keep this show free for everyone by becoming a supporting member! » JOIN MEMBERSHIP: https://community.plantbasedcookingshow.com/membership Curries and stews just aren’t the same without a nice piece of [More]
IN THIS VIDEO https://lettucevegout.com/recipes/sweet-potato-lentil-curry/ Welcome to Lettuce Veg Out with vegan Registered Dietitian Nicole Stevens. Today we’re vegging out on an incredibly easy vegan sweet potato lentil curry recipe made in a slow cooker or [More]