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Veg Quesadilla can be easy and tasty Mexican evening and party snacks. Learn how to cook Cheesy Vegetable Quesadilla at home from leftover rotis or tortillas along with veggies and cheese by chef Megha Joshi [More]
Watch what Ehi, who is new to plant-based cooking, Rachel, a vegan home cook, and Chef Brando, a professional vegan chef cook up in a day! Featuring: Ehi Subscribe to Goodful: Goodful Feel [More]
NYC Pastry Chef, Fany Gerson, grew up eating avocados with every meal…including dessert. Check out the recipe she shared with Food52 for making everyone’s favorite dessert that much more creamy and luscious. (*Hint: It involves [More]
RECIPE: Two cans of Mega sardines Vegetable oil 1 cup of rice, 1.2 cup of water 4 cloves of garlic minced half of red onion minced 1 tbsp of banana ketchup 1/4 tbsp of sugar [More]
Who says plant based has to be boring?! Today I’m sharing how to make super bomb vegan brunch dishes at home easy! Three main dishes, a side dish and a refreshing brunch cocktail! _______________________ CONNECT [More]
Learn how to make this vegan Bengali daal – Chholar Daal, or Chickpea Lentil Soup. Chhola (split chickpeas) Vegetable oil Coconut Bay leaf Dry red chili Cumin seed Cardamom seed Cinnamon stick Cloves Turmeric powder [More]
How to make vegan sushi at home! Unique veggie roll recipe that’s easy to make and healthy for lunch or dinner. I also show you the basics of making sushi rice and how to roll [More]
Get the recipe for these deluxe vegan breakfast burritos here! Find me on Instagram for cooking tips + daily updates, and tag me with your remakes! ———————————————————————————————————- MY COOKBOOK: The Vegan Instant Pot [More]
Chef Eric Adjepong, Top Chef finalist, James Beard Award winner and Bowery Farming Culinary Advisor, is in his home kitchen making Coconut Chickpea Curry. Eric makes this quick and easy dish using pantry staples like [More]
EASY PAELLA Ingredients: 1 (100g) pc white onion, chopped 10 cloves garlic, crushed 1/2 cup MAGNOLIA NUTRI OIL COCONUT VEGETABLE OIL 1/2 kg MONTEREY PORK SUKIYAKI CUT 1/2 cup tomato paste 1 (50g) pc red [More]
Hi my beautiful friend I hope you’re doing great Here I share some of my vegan recipes I made this delicious vegan pizza once a week I definitely love it I hope you make and [More]
Hello people! Enjoy this 20 minute long what I eat in a week. Full of cozy easy and tasty vegan recipes. We’ve got a recipe for blueberry breakfast donuts in this one, a mac and [More]
Hi Guys, amazing and simple recipe for you guys to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I’ve had many requests for vegetarian and vegan dishes due to the corona lock-down so i fancied [More]
Aran Goyoaga’s cinnamon buns have a crisp brown outside and a pillowy soft, doughy inside that will make you forget they’re gluten-free — and vegan, too. They’re the perfect, decadent treat for a holiday or [More]
Hi Guys, due to a high level of request for the dish i have decided to upload my take on this amazing recipe for you guys to cook at home. The ingredients: 4 tbs oil [More]
Hi guys a nice and simple recipe for you to follow at home. If you follow the instructions from this video you will have the most amazing flavoursome dish ever! Ingredients: 300 g Baby Potato [More]
San Marino Corned Tuna Paella with Alugbati Salad for detailed recipes, visit:
Are you ready to try the most delicious vegan cinnamon rolls recipe? These tasty vegan cinnamon buns will blow your mind – one of my favourite recipes to make and it is loved by my [More]
making ramen from scratch (broth + noodles + egg) making homemade pizza: subscribe: music: trees and lucy ( #ramen #homemade #silentvlog Finally putting my ramen-making skills to the test and making ramen at [More]
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You can do so many things with a mason jar in the kitchen!! In this video, I show you how to make ice cream in a mason jar at home. Watch Previous Video: Subscribe: [More]
In late 2014, a French blogger named Joël Roessel experimented with liquid from chickpeas and palm hearts to substitute eggs in meringue cookies. And after further experimentation, Wohlt, a vegan baker, discovered that chickpea liquid [More]