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VEGAN HOTPOT at Home | COOKBANG | Enjoy Vegan Food (Detailed Recipe)

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Finally doing a Vegan Hotpot and I am so excited to share the recipe of this delicious & nutritional Meal! Hope You Like This Video
Buying I Phone-Vlog:- https://youtu.be/ksTcpyTATtM

1) For Soup:-
Onion, Ginger, Raddish, Tomato, Carrot, Green Onion,
Salt, Pepper, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Sesame Oil,
Shitake Mushroom (From New Market Rs.1300/kg)
Vegetable Stock(From New Market Rs.35/packet)

2) For Dipping:-
Broccoli, PokChoi (From Local Market)
Veg Momos- Umanga Rs.160/- (From Spencer’s)
Rice Noodles Rs.50/-(From New Market)
Plain Tofu Rs.95/- (From Spencer’s)
Stuffed Tofu Rs.110/-(From Spencer’s)
Brussel Sprouts Rs.249/- (From Spencer’s)
Rocket Leaves Rs.89/- (From Spencer’s)
Rocket Lettuce Rs.49/- (From Spencer’s)
Baby Spinach Rs.99/- (From Spencer’s)
Corn Cob Rs.20/- (From New Market)

3) Dipping Sauce:-
Chilly Garlic Oil (From Chinese Food Festival)
Sriracha Sauce (From Spencer’s)
Thai Sauce (From Spencer’s)

Time Stamp:
0:00-1:00 Intro + Good News
1:01-3:00 Untried Vegetables Haul
3:01-4:40 Chopping + Curation
4:41-11:00 Vegan HotPot Step By Step Recipe
11:01-23:51 CookBang + Fun

Equipment’s for Vegan Hotpot:
Stainless Hotpot-https://amzn.to/3sKJfOo
Korean Chopstick Set- https://amzn.to/3oqD5k0
Chinese Chopstick Set-https://amzn.to/31z3tyU
Korean Electric BBQ-hhttps://amzn.to/3dmf8np

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