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Ingredient list – BROCCOLI 200 GRAMS – GARLIC 10 – GREEN CHILLI 1 – ONION 1 – 1 CUP CASHEW PASTE ( 100 ML ) – 1 CUP MILK ( 100 ML ) – SALT [More]
LAY HO MA everyone! Ever since I launched my first (and the first-ever) VEGAN RAMEN COOKBOOK, I’ve received countless comments on why there is an egg on the cover of a vegan ramen cookbook… Well… [More]
Buzz Wolfe uses the Vitamix to prepare Creamy Broccoli Cashew soup. From start to finish, he covers the recipe, and the preparation using cashews and vegetable broth to create the creaminess. This recipe is gluten [More]
This is a dream ten minute plant-based supper, perfect for Sunday nights or after work during the week. It’s vegan, full of flavour and just so easy to make. Can’t wait to hear what you [More]
Subscribe here – https://bit.ly/2ISqbbR Quick 20 minute Creamy Cashew and Coconut Lentil Curry that is packed full of Indian flavours and nutrients. Perfect for leftovers as well! Make sure you eat it with warm chewy [More]
Today I show you how to make lettuce wrap black bean tacos with vegan cashew sour cream. This delicious plant based recipe is gluten free and dairy free and tastes absolutely amazing. The fresh ingredients [More]
LEARN HOW TO MAKE A CURRY NOODLE SOUP WITH MY SIGNATURE VEGAN RAMEN EGG! LAY HO MA!! Alright, this recipe does take a little bit of patience and a good list of ingredients. Once the [More]
LEARN HOW TO MAKE AN EASY VEGAN RAMEN WITH A GOCHUJANG KOREAN CHILI PASTE BROTH! LAY HO MA! You know that I absolutely love noodles and ramen! After enjoying a delicious Soondubu Jjigae (Korean spicy [More]
How to make vegan ravioli from scratch. For the filling I made a pesto cashew cheese. The filling is also soy-free since I used almond milk and chickpea miso. Boil the vegan ravioli for 3-4 [More]
FULL RECIPE: https://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/2018/01/vegan-butternut-squash-black-bean-enchiladas-jalapeno-cashew-crema/
This Homemade Cashew Cheese Is Incredibly Amazing! Great Vegan Pizza, Too! Logically Vegan’s Incredibly Amazing Cashew Cheese Ingredients: Raw Cashews – 1 Cup (boil cashews in water for 10 minutes, then rinse) Apple Cider Vinegar [More]
This roasted veggie quinoa bowl is a party of flavors and textures. Roasting the vegetables brings the sweetness out of them and concentrates the savory flavors. The toppings add texture, crunch, and variety while the [More]