How To Make Vegan Pizza, Healthy Pizza Recipe At Home, by katiye

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Hi my beautiful friend
I hope you’re doing great
Here I share some of my vegan recipes
I made this delicious vegan pizza once a week I definitely love it
I hope you make and enjoy it
And if you have any question pls ask me in the comment
I will surely answer
Big kiss


Some dude named Moss says:

Vegan pizza? Imagine taking everything good out if a pizza and replacing it with junk

-The crispy base
-The delicious, stringy cheese
-The P E P P E R O N I
All gone
Tis a sad day

Levi Hudson says:

It will never be as good a the real thing.

Amir Najafi says:

Brilliant idea , good job 👍👍

fateme Kargozar says:


fateme Kargozar says:

Oooh My God it's sound delicious and easy thanks for sharing 🌱🌱🌱let save the planet my friend 🌹🌱

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