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Easy Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe | How to make Kanelbullar | Swedish Kanelbullar

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Easy Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe / How to make Kanelbullar /Swedish Kanelbullar Recipe : Complete written Recipe :https://merryboosters.com/swedish-cinnamon-buns-recipe-kanelbullar/
Swedish Cinnamon Buns or Kanelbullar are buns with multiple layers of soft and fluffy bread and aromatic sweet buttery filling in between.

Why You will love this Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe
This Cinnamon buns recipe will help you to make the best Swedish cinnamon buns that are soft and fluffy, and is full of delicious aroma, in an easy and fast method.

The Swedish cinnamon buns or kanelbullar made with this easy recipe are

Soft,airy and fluffy with light crispy crust
Comfortingly flavored with cinnamon and cardamom
Shaped beautifully with those swirly layers
top and bottom of the rolls are wonderfully caramelized with that golden brown color.

What Makes Swedish Cinnamon Buns Different From American Cinnamon Rolls
Swedish cinnamon buns or kanelbullar are very similar to American cinnamon rolls.

The first difference is the addition of cardamom. Cardamom, a spice originally found in India, can be described as warm, comforting and aromatic.
Another difference is that Swedish Cinnamon Buns doesn’t use any frosting or icing.
Swedish cinnamon buns usually have pearl sugar as topping.

How to Make Swedish Cinnamon Buns
Making kanelbullar or Cinnamon buns is so easy.

We can make Swedish cinnamon buns or kanelbulle in FOUR SIMPLE STEPS

1.Prepare the bread dough
2.Divide and shape the dough
3.Proof the swedish cinnamon buns or kanelbullar
4.Bake the swedish cinnamon buns or kanelbullar
Bake them @ 420 F or 215 C for 13-15 minutes.

How to make the sugar syrup for glaze
It is so easy to make this sugar syrup to use as glaze for kanelbulle or swedish cinnamon buns .

Into a saucepan add the 60 g or 5tbsp sugar and 60ml or 1/4 cup water.

Boil and simmer until it gets a syrup consistency.

Remove from heat and let it cool down.

How to store Swedish cinnamon rolls
These homemade cinnamon rolls can be kept at room temperature for upto 3 days.Cover the tray with foil or store them in an airtight container.

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