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Easy Falafel Recipe – Vegan & Gluten free — Parisian Kitchen

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Ingredients and amounts are on my blog:

Learn how to make falafel using a few ingredients, no flour, no eggs just ground chickpeas with herbs and spices. Vegan friendly and gluten free recipe!

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ThyMasterToo says:

These look really good, glad I just found your channel.

Almania Shohatee says:

What kind of mixer do you use?

Morgane V says:

je viens de les faire, super bon !

Pravin Lal says:

How is this different from indian vada?

wind archer says:

i love this

RedFlower Zombie says:

Wonderful recipe! I followed it and just eyeball the measurements and it came out AMAZING! I did not deep fried though, just fried and still cane out delicious! Thank you so much!


Hi there does anyone have the quantities to make the Falafel … They look delicious … Thanking you in advance …

Noor Flor Noor Flor says:

lam love food

Madeline Bruno Rodriguez says:

Can I use canned chickpeas drained?

randomuploadsism says:

Do i have to deep-fry them? Is their a healthier way?

sonja maes says:

lovely, thankyou

Michael Fristedt says:

Hello and thanks for the recipe! I haven't tried this yet but bought a food processor the other day. My question is: Don't you need to boil the chickpeas? Thanks for sharing!

Luke J. / Nexus says:

Is that a French accent?

Liz TurtleRabbit says:

really great recipe! I followed the ingredients as instructed, but instead of deep frying them I fried off both sides (I made mine flat as well) and finished them off in the oven. Worked a charm! There are so many falafel recipes out there and this is honestly one of the best ones I've tried, I think I'll stick with it! Super easy too!

Adina Mor says:

where is the recipe ???

Shaiba Mehnaz says:


Jermaine Ellis says:

I know how to make a falafel now. thanks

raja liaqat says:

Super. …….

Camilla Cruz says:

This looks wonderful!

Char Mitch says:

hi…is there any alternative if we dont have tahini?what can we use as a substitute?

Seth Alexander says:

Thank you!!

loswuchos says:

What is the baking soda for?

Bubble Child says:

Yes, it's so good to soak them overnight instead of using canned ones! I just published a recipe here for a vegan falafel with a similar method. I hope you enjoy if you get a chance to check our my channel.

david patrick green says:

Why would you not mention or post the amounts in the video? It would be 10x better.

Minomotono YORITOMONO says:

wow. it is so easy

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says:

Really liked your video!

Michelle Savage says:

Looks so yummy!  I'm going to the store to buy some chickpeas now.

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