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Easy Butternut Squash Chickpea Curry – 30 Minutes Dinner – Vegan & Gluten Free – Indian Style Curry

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This wholesome and creamy golden butternut squash and chickpea curry is packed with aromatic Indian flavors.
It is great for a comfy, healthy, vegetarian weeknight meal. It only takes 30 minutes from start to finish.

The flavor of the warming spices in this curry would give you comfort and a feel of the Indian feast at home. Just serve it with rice and naan or paratha and you will have a lovely gratifying meal.

Make it when you want to enjoy comfort food on a cosy evening, or simply when you want something satisfying and flavourful.

This delicious and easy to make butternut squash and chickpea curry is a great way to include veggies in your diet. This is ready in under 30 minutes when using cooked chickpeas and pre-diced butternut squash.

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Click here for the full recipe with all the tips & tricks: https://www.mygingergarlickitchen.com/butternut-squash-chickpea-curry/

Serves: 5

For Butternut Squash Chickpea Curry:
☛ 2 tablespoons oil
☛ 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
☛ 2 bay leaves
☛ 1 cinnamon stick
☛ 400 grams (approx 3 cups) butternut squash peeled and cubed
☛ 200 grams tomato puree
☛ 2.5 cups (approx 425 gram) cooked chickpeas (or canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained)
☛ 1 large sized onion, chopped
☛ 2 tablespoons ginger-garlic crushed
☛ Salt to taste (I have added sea salt)
☛ 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
☛ 500 ml (approx 1 1/4 can) coconut milk (or more if needed)
☛ 1 cup water or vegetable broth, if needed to adjust consistency
☛ 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
☛ 3/4 teaspoon Kashmiri red chili powder (you can also use cayenne pepper)
☛ 1 teaspoon chana masala or curry powder
☛ 3/4 teaspoon coriander powder
☛ 1/2 teaspoon garam masala powder
☛ 1 teaspoon maple syrup
☛ Lemon juice to taste
☛ 3 tablespoons freshly chopped cilantro (coriander)leaves

How to make Butternut Squash Chickpea Curry:
1. Heat the oil in a large skillet or saucepan over medium heat.
2. Add cumin seeds, bay leaves, and cinnamon stick and sauté for a few seconds or until fragrant.
3. Now, add chopped onions and sauté for 2 minutes.
4. Add crushed ginger-garlic and sauté 1 more minutes or until the garlic is very fragrant and the onions turn translucent.
5. Add tomato puree and stir well. Cook for 2 minutes.
6. Now add cubed butternut squash and give it mix.
7. After that, add salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and red chili powder. Mix and cook for 2 minutes until the spices are well mixed.
8. Now add chana masala powder, cumin powder, and 300 ml coconut milk. Stir well to combine.
9. Cover the pan and turn the heat to medium-low. Cook for 15 minutes, or until the squash is 80% cooked. Stir it occasionally to prevent it from sticking and burning.
10. Stir in the cooked chickpeas, 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro leaves, 200 ml coconut milk, and garam masala powder. (At this point you can now adjust the salt and consistency.)
11. Give everything a good stir and simmer for 8-10 minutes or until the squash soft and tender and the sauce thickens.
12. Add maple syrup and lemon juice to taste. Stir well. Cook for 1 more minute.
13. Remove from heat, and serve butternut squash chickpea curry hot with steamed rice or naan.

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