COCONUT CURRY LENTILS / Easy Vegan One-Pot Recipe

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Full recipe:
Lentil soup video:
Lentil soup recipe:

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Julia Kuwahara says:

This was delicious. Thanks Lisa! We followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great. 🙂

blanca ortega says:

I cant wait to make

Melissa Boyd says:

I’m making this TODAY! 👍👍😋

Avi B says:

feeling claustrophobic just watching this vid

The Simple Homeschool Lifestyle says:

I want to take his Face….OFF. One of my favorite Nicolas Cage movies, it's just so bizarre, I love it! Great recipe/video Lisa, I didn't realize the darker lentisl take way longer to cook, good to know! I always cook them to mush consistency and end up hating them. I'll have to try the red ones! I mean, is it really even food if there's no nooch sprinkled on top though?? So good!

Kirsti Edwards says:

made a version of this with eggplant, SO delicious, want to eat everyday…thanks for the inspiration!

Amanda Woodrum says:

Face Off is completely ridiculous, but the acting is great. 💀

Amanda Woodrum says:

I love curry, especially the smell! Didn’t realize how simple it is to make.

nutzeeer says:

Please dont disable comments on videos. I know it can be a hassle to recieve a alot of notifications, but thats a small load to bear for freedom of speech under the videos and a room for discussion and contact

Donut Domination says:

Looks super delicious!

CinnamonYoghurt says:

Yummm, that looks & sounds amazing!!

Suzie Wratten says:

Definitely going to make this, thanks Lisa 😁

Karen Knowles says:

If you don’t eat soy you can use coconut aminos instead. I make a dish very similar. Very yummy!

* Lotusblume * says:

Looks so delicious!! I will have to try that! Thank you💕 !

René Fabre says:

This looks wonderful and totally how I like to prepare food and eat. Reminds me I'm living way too much of a life in the fast lane lately cranking out product for work and not stopping often enough to make meals like this that feed and nourish both body and soul. Thanks!

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