Chicken & Chorizo Paella on the Kamado Joe

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In this video I show you how I cook a paella on the bbq from start to finish, paella is one of my favourite things to cook and eat because it’s so easy yet so tasty.

So I cooked this up on the Kamado Joe classic 2 using a 36cm steel paella pan this recipe will give you around 7 tapas portions or 4-5 decent main servings.

I’ve been inspired and hope to inspire people cooking outdoors and indoors, if there is anything you would like to see on my YouTube please let me know as I have many different outdoor pieces of equipment to cook on to.

I’m new to the YouTube scene so please any constructive criticism would be great. Thank you for watching.

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Tom Page says:

Great video mate! On a Kamado Joe, could I cook this on a cast iron skillet? I don’t have a Paella pan.

Bob Berlage says:

Nice video. That recipe is very similar to jambalaya here in the US. Quick question: Approximately how long did it take to cook the rice after you stirred it in?

Brian Mozer says:

Is it necessary to prewash the rice ?

ChamoPeskdor says:

Have a seafood paella recipe?

Brian Doherty says:

Chorizo no!

Conversation Classes says:

It's puh-eh-yuh. I didn't watch the entire recipe. Paella doesn't contain chorizos. It's a mortal sin. Jamie Oliver got his share of bashing for adding chorizos. We sauté the rice with the other ingredients for 3 to 5 minutes. then add the stock. The reason why we don't stir the rice is to form socarrat or the semi-burnt crust which is very scrumptious.

anonimous black says:

nice wood spoon…that's only i can say about your recipe

Daniel Lindstrom says:

Amazing! Can't wait to try it.

Rafael Graterol says:

Good job mate… got my paella pan ready!

Sam Allen says:

Followed this step by step while doing our first paella this evening. Absolute success!

Jorge Morales says:

If you put chorizo in paella, u are a terrorist

Ángel Trapero says:

La paella no lleva chorizo¡¡¡¡ Lo q le da ese color es papikra (pimentón rojo molido) y el amarillo es colorante alimentario. Sustituir por Curcuma

DG says:

What do I do if I want to lower the heat to let it simmer? How do I reduce the flames in between cook?

Mcd xX 89 says:

Menuda falta de respeto llamar a eso paella 😠eso no se acerca ni al cuarto de lo que es una verdadera paella así que como mínimo cambiaría el título

dab745 says:

How much Rice? Sorry if I missed it.

Phillip Phan says:

lovely. what size paella pan did you use?
and is that KJ or big joe?

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