"Better Than Restaurant" Vegan Nachos | Liv B & Rescue Dog Kitchen Collab

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Get the recipe here at Rescue Dog Kitchen! https://www.rescuedogkitchen.com/beefless-beef-nachos/
Watch John’s video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puJKUMzqvLE&feature=youtu.be
Follow John & his dogs here: https://www.instagram.com/rescuedogkitchen/
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Lynda says:

I love all your recipes Liv, even though you hate olives and beans and I love them both haha. I just made your sweet and sour meatball recipe and I’m a big fan!! We don’t have the exact same products in Ireland so I had to substitute, I used arrabiata sauce and blackcurrant jam but it was still great!! :)))

Stefania Popaluca says:

I am too a hater of olives, but I f w olive oil for cooking when needed!

Suzanne Mccabe says:

I love when dogs are in the videos I watch🐾🐾❤❤😁

Shannon Alexis says:

I just noticed your ring. Congrats on your engagement!

Shelley9090 says:

Don't see the cheese sauce you made in the actual recipe. Was it just vegan butter, unsweetened plant milk, and a handful of vegan mozz?

Astika Chaithu says:

Dog hair is my new aesthetic 😂with a dog who is a lab and chou chou mix I agree 😅 the nachos looked absolutely delightful!

Gabriella S says:

i'm sorry but a (vegan) cheese table with warm bread and OLIVES and wine 😍😍
also it's the middle of the night and now i want nachos, they look bomb

lizaify says:

Your fiance is so cute, he has such a nice energy, congrats!!

kinkycoiled says:

Definitely better without olives! 🤮

Serena Ducrocq says:

I have been craving nachos for a while now. Going to have to make this!!! And also, CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your engagement!!!😄👏💓❤️💓

Catherine Biermann says:

How on earth did I give birth to an olive-hater???

Molly Umer says:

I can literally eat entire cans of black olives! I crave them all the time 😍

Nicole Camacho says:

Yuuummmmmm!!! Making this soon

/ Jojo / says:

Congrats on being engaged♥️ these look so good, I'm gonna make them after I'm done with all my exams for this semester!😍 Already looking forward to it

MsSassyMT says:

You know it's good when you do a little shimmy after the first bite! Looks delicious.

CO mom says:

I also do not like olives. Red onion is a good sub!

Madison White says:

Petition to insert clips of Willa and Hazel in every video 😂❤️

Victoria Profitt says:

I was on my way home from work when I saw the thumbnail and I literally turned around to go get ingredients for these nachos. Very excited to make them when I get home

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