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Plantain Nachos – Vegan Recipes in an Instant with @plantboiis Jacob & Giuseppe

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The next of our Vegan Recipes in an Instant series is now live! This week Jacob and Giuseppe are cooking something a little different and using an ingredient you probably have seen but have no idea what to do with.
They may look like large bananas and classed as a fruit, but plantains are eaten and cooked as if they were a vegetable. Harder to peel than bananas, plantains cannot be eaten raw so an Air fryer is the perfect way to master cooking this ingredient!

Check out this plantain loaded nacho recipe from PengVeganMunch & Sepps_Eats.

– 2-3 plantain
– 1 red pepper
– 400g tin black beans
– 1 avocado
– Β½ red onion
– Lime
– Vegan cheese (the boys used Applewood)
– Vegan yoghurt
– Fresh coriander
– Salt, pepper and spray oil, as needed

1. Slice the plantain and toss into a bowl with a little salt and some spray oil.
2. Place into the drawer of the Vortex Air Fryer and select Air Fry and set the temperature to 205C and the time to 15minutes.
3. While the plantain cooks, dice the red pepper and rinse the black beans.
4. When the Air Fryer displays 5minutes remaining, add the red pepper and black beans into the drawer giving everything a shake.
5. Meanwhile, make the guacamole by mashing the avocado flesh, and dicing the red onion and combine the two with the juice of a lime. Season with salt and pepper.
6. When the Air Fry program finishes, remove the plantain chips, black beans and red pepper from the drawer and place into a heatproof dish (that fits into the air fryer drawer)
7. Grate the vegan cheese on top of the plantain chip mix and place back into the Air Fryer.
8. Select Grill and set the time to 5 minutes and temperature to 205C.
9. When the cheese has melted, top with the homemade guac, vegan yoghurt and fresh coriander, then tuck in and enjoy!

Products used: https://instantbrands.co.uk/shop-all-products/vortex-plus-6in1-airfryer-clearcook-odourerase/
Jacob – https://www.instagram.com/pengveganmunch
Giuseppe – https://www.instagram.com/sepps_eats

Stay tuned for next week when Jacob & Giuseppe will be back cooking another Vegan recipe!