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Jon makes some simple delicious vegan chicken-free enchiladas with cashew sour cream.
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StrawbunnyMilk says:

Whaaat I didn't know beyond meat made faux chicken. I don't think I've seen it at my local grocery store, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it next time.

Diane L says:

If anyone is from Chicago and lives near a Pete's Market, they make their own vegan tamales that are addictive and inexpensive. Great recipe!!

:o says:

This is my first time here on ur channel and I already like you

little lacey says:

beyond meat is so good I love your videos!!!👽

Bethley angelic says:

You're channel ROCKS SO MUCH! 👍🏻🎉

Brandi Mathis says:

This looks like it would be really good made with jackfruit as the "meat".

Momiji Spiderwebs says:

I'm sure beyond meat is delicious but that hurts my wallet with the price I see at the stores. D:

Momiji Spiderwebs says:

I was lookin for a vegan enchiladas recipe but was hoping a vegan enchilada de mole recipe. can you try doing a video of that?

TheJadeFist says:

lol stop adding the onions into everything

Undead dissection says:

I bet John burnt he's mouth in this video. stop burning your mouth man! 😜😂 haha

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