Chicken Enchiladas Made Vegan

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Here’s a great way to make one of our favorite recipes skipping both the meat AND cheese without sacrificing taste & flavor! Don’t believe us, try it for yourself! Presenting: Vegan Enchiladas

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rosa martínez rosapinnell says:

hola, pero en México las enchiladas NO llevan frijoles…todo lo demás delicioso!

Alexa S. Torres says:

Cringing hard at all the dumb comments.

Alexa S. Torres says:

Yes! Callejeras! 💕💕💕

Tahiry Pena says:

Looks so delicious but I wouldn't be able to make without the measurements! BUMMER!

Totally Treen says:

Plzzz stop clapping, doing excessive shoulder movements and saying lit/bomb every few seconds mamas😩 Great dish though lol

Howard Anderson says:

These enchiladas look like they are the bomb dot com. 🙂 I'm gonna make em. Thanks!

candyce fox says:

I gotta do this looks good as hell

Jessica B says:

I’ll use vegan chicken instead

RC says:

Wow these look soooo good omg, I made some vegan enchiladas but don't add Tofu in the filling. Gonna try that and add more vegetables on top

Rosalynn Ohman says:

I loved your video and the recipe! Keep em coming

Amanda Ramos says:

Those are the most depressing enchiladas ever. Bake them with vegan shredded cheese….vegan or not the cheese makes the enchilada "lit."

Kimberly Forti says:

Gotta have the Valentina hot sauce hahahahahaha

Mikeyguy94 says:

They look SOOOOOOO dry. One side only, my ass! My abuelita wouldn't touch it even if it was the only thing to eat. Necesitas más salsa!!!

Xoxo Gossip girl says:

This looks good as fuck

Ofelia C. says:

I made tacos with beefless beef tips from Gardein, and they tasted SO GOOD. I haven't had tacos in nearly two years, and they were an awesome alternative, my family was surprised they were vegan since they looked and smelled very similar to meat

joseph lap says:

Pezzo Di Merda!!!

Denise Martinez says:

These look so amazing! thank you for the recipe!

Hanna Cruz says:

What does tofu taste like? I'm considering buying some. someone put answer be low!!!

Diego Magaña says:

I just use beyond chicken or gardein chicken

Camila Stefanie says:

holy shit I thought going vegan would mean eating so much americanized food and now I found this thank you so much flama for keeping food latina and cruelty free

Roberto NM says:

The recipe looks good but in Mexico we usually just pan-fry the enchiladas without dipping the toritilla in salsa and pour as much salsa as we like on top when assembling the dish.

Other vegan alternatives for the filling that people can't complain about not being "authentic" or "Mexican" are: frijoles refritos (fried mashed beans), flor de calabaza (pumpkin flower, julienne and sauté with onion and bell peppers if you like them), mashed potatoes (yes mashed potatoes, we even use this as filling for tacos in Mexico, specially in Mexico City), flor de jamaica (hibiscus flower, look for hibiscus flower taco filling on the internet) and nopales.

If you wanna go vegetarian you can use rajas con crema, calabacitas a la mexicana, queso panela, queso fresco or even scrambled eggs with flor de calabaza or nopales (or scrambled eggs and any vegetable you like). Also add some real crumbly white cheese and crema on top.

The sauce can also have a tomato base instead of only chilies. For this you only need to sauté a couple diced tomatoes, a quarter of an onion and a clove of garlic and add it to the blender with the rest of the chilies.

CarolNav says:

Yaaaayyy!!! Somos muchos los latinos y veg. 🙂

Antonio Martinez says:

Vegan and Vegetarian "Mexican food" are not real Mexican foods, that's an American invention/bastardization….however, more power to those that literally can't process animal products and choose to make this version.

Janelle Castile says:

That looks delicious! <3 Thank you for presenting this delicious recipe!
I would probably also try a variation with #BeyondMeat grilled "chicken" and #MiyokosKitchen cheese. Both sound scrumptious 🙂

cold G says:

this is how cultural appropriation starts because our culture is bad,unhealthy but white american culture is improve and healthy

Pablo Ocariz says:

I am disopinted in FLAMA for making this video. Not because of the Vegan aspect, I dont really cate about that, but for posting full well it would start a flame war in the comments. You are creating fights, where there shouldnt be any. I didn't watch the video, or like or dislike because A) i cant cook, B) I dont like enchiladas, but this isn't a cooking Chanel or a Vegan Chanel, so why do this???

Camila Belen says:

I think no Latino could go vegan 😂😂

Windrune says:

If your main concern is why this dish has no meat instead of the hotness I mean hostess wink I have bad news for you

Diane Davidson says:

What you need, what is missing, is a NON vegan taking a bite and describing the taste. 🙂

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