VEGAN RED ENCHILADAS | Homemade Queso Fresco | Jackfruit “Chicken” Style | Mexican Food

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Welcome back!

My name is Airam pronounced like “Eye-rum.”

Today I have some Jackfruit “Chicken” Style Enchiladas with a homemade red sauce! Yuuum.
This dish is insanely good & will have you so happy when you see how simple & easy it is to veganize MEXICAN FOOD!
I also will be showing you a queso fresco recipe.. There is a lot of recipes out there & they are all borderline similar considering the fact that queso fresco is such a subtle flavor, so the recipe I used to today is the one I find works best & is super easy.

I hope you enjoy this recipe & show your friends & family that may be craving some Mexican food 🙂


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Ingredients used:

Queso Fresco:

8 oz Slivered Almonds
Juice of 1 Lime
1 Cup Cold Water
1 Tbsp Salt

1 1/2 Cup Cold Water
1 1/2 Tbsp Cornstarch
2 Tbsp Agar Agar Powder

(updated a tad because using a high speed blender really purees the almonds, so I adjusted to 1/2 tbsp more agar agar to firm up better, for referance, I used a ninja blender in this video & now use a vitamix blendetr)

Agar Agar found on Amazon!

Red Enchilada Sauce:

8 Dried New Mexico Chilies
1/3 Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
2 Tomatoes
1-2 Dried Chili de Arbol


Homemade cashew cream shown in my “Red Chilaquiles” Video


2 Cans Trader Joe’s Jackfruit
Vegan Broth
Garlic Salt


Red Onion


Corn Tortillas

Thank you so much for watching!


Dalia Gonzalez says:

i gotta make that queso fresco!

Yarumi Leon says:

Question why you gotta rinse after an hour and boil again why can’t I just boil 3 hours straight?..

La Cosina de Mima says:

Dios quiera que se recupere pronto y no tenga ningun contratiempo,Bendiciones

mtatts08 says:

Where do you get your vegan chicken broth

ThaliaEatsDonuts says:

This processes is amazing, a new generation of Mexican cooks, it’s like having a vegan abuelita.

Mrs. Ramos says:

Hola chica! I just found your Channel, I had to subscribe, all your food looks amazing I love the fact that everything is vegan!🤗 Yes! Que rico!

Karen Salazar says:

Why don’t you have 1M subscribers?? Why?! Just found your channel and I am devouring all your videos like the Tiger King episodes

skippy says:

how long should the jackfruit cook with the spices?

skippy says:


Plant based Jess says:

Yum I will be making these:) never used jackfruit or tried so I’m excited lol thanks for the upload!

Marissa Jefferies says:

Hey! For the queso fresco Can i use agar agar flakes? It’s what I have at home

Cindy Martinez says:

Love this ! 💕💕 Do you think tapioca starch will work in place of cornstarch?

Kara White says:

Whoa! So glad I found your channel! I am making this this week

AllsWell L says:

Wow you’re really creative. My mother had cancer and was vegan to combat her illness. She missed eating Mexican food a lot. Wish I would’ve came across your channel when she was still alive several years ago. You’re a blessing😇

Emily G says:

Oh my gosh this is amazing! Can’t wait to make the jack fruit this way. I want to make it all!!

Favio Olivera says:

Hey Prima!! would you happen to have a recipe for some of Colima's famous dulce enchiladas? They are my favorite lol!!

Alma Garcia says:

Omg😍😋 I wish I could try/eat all your recipes. The look soo good!!!

Sara Epstein says:

Yess girl!! 🙌🏼 that enchilada sauce looks yummy!!

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