Warning: Toss Out Your Almond Milk! It's Bad For You!

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Almond milk, packed with harmful ingredients such as sugar and carrageenan, should never be consumed, especially by children. At least that’s what anti-almond milk pro-dairy articles are saying. Anji & Ryan respond to these attacks on almond milk.

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NutritionFacts.org videos on dairy milk:


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Ian Duke says:

Almond NOT MILK 4 almonds sold to idoits for a massive mark up!
Stop calling things milk, cheese, burger etc you dishonest copy cat vegans!

Mike Fedak says:

Umm cow milk is amazing for you. Almond milk is awful for you, and look how unhealthy these people are promoting health. Skinny, and completely Out of shape.

Gerard Jones says:

Beta males drink almond milk.

Dyan Karol Principe says:

I just drink almond milk before watching this

Abby Critic says:

I love this woman’s voice

Army Love says:

I’ll stick to water, please and thank you ٩( ᐛ )و

TheFinnishBolshevik says:

I take my almond milk with my coffee unsweetened

The Rebalancer says:

Approx 87% water in cow's milk. If you like the consistency and taste of your plant milk, then the water content is irrelevant. People actually buy water, so why is plant milk being criticized?! Just because a product contains a lot of water doesn't mean it is useless or tasteless.

Vegan Demon says:

So Good unsweetened almond milk is my choice, I guess I'm doomed I just bought 5litres. Whoopsie do

Yander Dreams says:

Shut up!!!! SHUT UP!!!! No its not!!!

Its good for me

I'm not even a vegan. I just don't like how milk. It was always nasty to me, and I can only ever drink it with cereal. I didn't like the idea of drinking an animal's bodily fluids. Then I saw this Facebook post about how the milk looks? I'm not sure if it was fake, or real, but it turned me off of cow milk forever. They said that the milk has blood and pus in it. The milk inside of the Facebook post was also pink from the blood. I'm not sure if that was true or not, but it was all the incentive I needed to stop drinking cow milk. I already thought it was nasty, now that just confirmed it. Also! Cow milk goes rotten so fast. I have had almond milk forever, and soy milk, and it doesn't go rotten. It's so disgusting when the milk goes rotten. Cow milk does not last very long oh, it doesn't taste very good. I'm actually saving more money with almond milk and soy milk, because if I don't drink it fast enough, it's not going to spoil ridiculously fast, and I have to throw the milk out. Look how milk, there have been times where if I didn't drink it fast enough, it went spoiled, and I ended up throwing away milk. Almond milk has a longer shelf life. So I don't have to worry about drinking it right away. However, almond milk taste so good, that I can have a cup of plain almond milk. I couldn't do that with cow milk. Plain white cow milk was so nasty

Matt Green says:

Try some homemade cashew sweat with 2 dates and a pinch of cinnamon. I think we should call it Nut sweat, for fear that the dairy industry will sue us.😊

Qi Huna says:

Dairy and many other SUPER UNHEALTHY foods, beverages and MEDICALPHARMACEUTICAL industries are being threatened by humans who prefer LIFE over government, bullshit, diseases, pain, suffering, deteriorating and DEATH!!

Qi Huna says:

Don't be lazy, make it yourself and just add body builders supplement powder, trace elements, iodine, etc..yourself!!
As for the left-over pulp, its AWESOME for your cereal and salads MMMMMMMMM…

My Name is Gladiator says:

mmm. Almonds. Love that Omega-6! Gotta load up on that stuff!

My Name is Gladiator says:

How you ladies doin'?

Damien Gibson says:

Just saw a video stating eating nuts attacks arterial walls, is this true?

Ryan C says:

Wrong on milk is healthy I drink it all the time

oilydude says:

Apparently the web page you refer to has been pulled. I cant find anywhere. Good work!

unknown source says:

I love almond milk

peetsplan vannin says:

When the the bottom line is threatened the attack’s begins. I love almond milk 🥛 it’s great for you and very safe.✌️

S. Gillespie says:

Califia is NOT eco-conscious if they're using these huge plastic containers to sell their almond milk in!

Jetfire says:

Harmful ingredients like “sugar” carrageenan may be unhealthy but sugar? Come on man

Spiderman Sherman says:

Almond milk is terrible


Cow milk is bad for you ! Mucus and inflammation

NicVandEmZ says:

I drink almond milk it’s really good

Chloe Prince says:

so are we going to ignore that a glass of dairy milk has 13 grams of sugar in it?

Shandy Leng says:

I’m now freaked out by cows milk gonna go buy some oat milk and throw out my disgusting cows milk eww

Victoria Zasypkina says:

I love Hemp Milk!!

Cara Lawrence says:

Big dairy are just scare mongering…. I love almond milk, my young son and I drink it all the time. Sometimes we make our own but I"m a bit lazy, so I just find a good product with an environmental focus.

jamie utitus says:

I love how you pronounce “bothered”… it sounds like “bot” “hered”… and since you guys rock, I’m going to start pronouncing the same way ♥️

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