Vegan's Try-Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich + Beyond Meat Burger-A and W Canada

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Vegan’s Try-Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich + Beyond Meat Burger-A and W Canada // Come and Try the NEW VEGAN Breakfast sandwich from A&W Canada! Plus we will give the Beyond Burger a REVIEW!!! BONUS: Come to Tim Horton’s and grab a VEGAN ICE CAP too!!

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Marc Gratton says:


Jon's Conscious Life says:

I love the beyond options at A&W. just had the sausage ones recently and they are soooo good.

Enzy Blox says:

argh yer matey i will cook this in a cannon with lots of BANANAS

Ashley Nicole Rice says:

Yeah, that's a little underwhelming. It's a nice start. Hope they start adding vegan cheeses! The Beyond Meat looks a lot nicer! We just started getting Tim Horton's around us. I'll have to see what I can get there!

Hot Chocolate Fitness says:

i agree on vegan options.the more vocal we are the better.

Amanda Rose says:

OMG its just a bun and 'meat'. Not even sauce or anything lol! You weren't having much luck with your burgers today lol! I can't believe they forgot lettuce as well ๐Ÿ˜‚

Cheer Seeds says:

Thanks for reviewing these foods I've been interested in them for a while now

Natural Kesha says:

I completely agree that the more we speak out & ask for vegan options the more businesses will have to respond. Great video!

Running On Oats says:

That was a really sad burger, not even a little bit of greens or some sauce, really bad for that price!

Carey Shoemaker says:

I can't wait to try the beyond burger! There are some places in Switzerland where you can get it now but I haven't had the chance to go yet!

Live Fit Nicole says:

are their buns vegan, i was told they weren't so i avoided them just in case

A Rockin' Vegan says:

Can't wait for the A&W in the U.S. to get the Beyond Burger! ๐Ÿ˜ Also, about dang time Tim's gets a vegan milk! I'll have to see if my local Tim's has it too!

Alkaline Foodist says:

Looks like it would be good if you took some extras to add! Looked like the kids enjoyed the food which is great!

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