Dunkin' Donuts – Beyond Sausage vs Regular Sausage Breakfast Sandwich with a vegan & non-vegan

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We went to Dunkin’ to try the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich. One is the real breakfast sandwich, one is vegetarian, one is vegan, and one is a modified vegan version. Which one looks best to you?

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Line says:

One thing I was hoping to see was what is the visual difference between Dunkin's regular sausage and beyond sausage as far as before being bit into and after. I've been vegan for about 6 years now, and I don't know how to tell visually, if I'm eating beyond sausage

Nancy Hauber says:

Oh! I did not know that this was now available nationwide! Thank you. Anxious to try it.

brianne mills says:

I’m curious and want to try one now.

AwesomeJasem says:

OMG!!! Now I want a Dunkin Breakfast Sandwich! 🤣 Great Video! 🍩

burgandykitty says:

Girl, have you tried Violife cheese? It is so good. I'm a vegetarian and would eat it. My son can't have dairy and we have tried All of the vegan cheeses. Violife is amazing and the closest to real cheese I've had. My son is really picky and loves it. It comes shredded and in slices, too. They have a "mature cheddar" that tastes just like american (boring, like Bear said) but good. Makes amazing mac and cheese AND grilled cheese sandwiches. I think they have a smoked gouda, too. Kite Hill makes the most amazing cream cheeses. They're pretty expensive, but insanely delicious. Chive, everything bagel, and jalapeno. So, so good.

Welcome to the Jones' says:

I too am vegan & love the new Beyond sandwich. Have tried the just eggs yet & most vegan cheese taste terrible! I have found one brand I love… Miyoko's! Their mozzarella cheese is just like dairy cheese. I also love their vegan butter. Great video, please continue making these food videos!

Alexis Rummey says:

So I think another spot to try is Culver’s they have a alt option! Love this

Melanie Simmons says:

I went and bought one and I thought I saw somewhere it was vegan. When I ordered it they never said anything to me so I ate it thinking it was vegan egg and cheese. I was telling my husband that the egg and cheese tasted like the real thing. It was and I got really sick.

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