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Vegan Sheet Pan Quesadillas | Easy Vegan Dinner Idea #Shorts

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Vegan Sheet Pan Quesadillas! Today’s #Shorts video is epic!

You loved our sheet pan pancake idea for breakfast so now we are bringing you a dinner option! Quesadillas, on a sheet pan, all done at once you don’t have to stand flipping over individual ones for each family member!


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Michel Calixte says:

I recently set a goal to begin a healthier lifestyle by changing my eating habits. I came across this page and saw the picture. Clicked on the video and my mouth was watered untillllllll I heard tofu and soy which are two things I can't eat because I have endometriosis. Is there any other substitute to this recipe because I reaaaaally want to try it!!!!

A Piece of Kait says:

I just started following and I already love the recipes. Trying this one tomorrow 😍

Missanthropissed aka Despondent Dragon says:

Oh, Andrew 😂😂😂

C M says:

Came for the food, stayed for the arms xox

Aadya e says:

Andrew, you did that!!! Oh yeah, the added commentary was in true form. Loved it. I will be making this over the weekend.

Our Great Little Life - Alexandria says:

That looks so good! I’m glad you’re honest about the vegan cheese pull. Every other vegan is lying to themselves 😂

Bharat Sharma says:

Brother you tried rapping ?

jerras52 says:

Do you have a recipe with measurements of ingredients and oven settings available? If so, can you direct me to where I can find it?

Kob GoodJourney says:

Wow!!! Yummy👍

M Rose says:

You are so funny. That quesadilla looks amazing. I never thought to do them on a sheet pan.

Jerbie B says:

Now where in the world was this video when I made my sad quesadilla this morning… 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

Heather says:

Can anyone suggest some vegan cheese that doesn't have the texture warm snot? I'm new to veganism and am gun shy when it comes to vegan cheese after trying the "new and improved" daiya pizza.

Saving For Three - Raquel says:

Nah this look good as hell lol imma just add chicken. Should be the same

SelinaCalabresexxx says:

This is why I subscribed 😩 add some jalapeños

tamcon72 says:

I like how it cut out suddenly, as though something naughty was gonna follow the momma part, heh! This is ingenious and it would be a really bad start on the new year for me, because I'd eat the whole pan like a starving bear! Thanks for posting!

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