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Vegan recipe | okonomiyaki | plant based diet | お好み焼き.

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Vegan recipe | okonomiyaki | plant based diet | お好み焼き.
i ‘ve a lot of vegan recipe In my youtube channel that I can translate. Let me know! I can do for you

Ingredients vegan Okonomiyaki

Cabbage 140gr
Leek, t 60gr
Self-rising flour for cakes 100gr
Vegetable broth (or, broth made of kombu seaweed and dried shiitake mushrooms)200ml
Salt, a pinch
Shimeji mushrooms 60gr, approx.
Cherry tomatoes 4 – 6 pcs
Flour for Tempura q.s.
Flour for cakes (enough to coat mushrooms and tomatoes) q.s.
Cold water (enough to make tempura batter) q.s.
Cooking oil (to make tempura) q.s.
Cooking oil (to cook Okonomiyaki) 1 tsp, approx.
Ketchup 4 TBS, approx.
Soy flavored balsamico glaze 1 tsp, approx.
Soy sauce 1 tsp, approx.
Maple syrup 1 tsp
Vegan mayonnaise