Vegan Lunch Ideas for School/Work (no need to reheat)

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Today’s video features 4 easy, healthy and quick to make vegan lunches. Plus there’s no need to reheat these meals at your school or work or wherever you’re taking these. There’s a recipe for lentil zucchini burritos in this, spinach pesto pasta, sweet and sour chickpea rice bowls and a fun poke bowl ✨ Hope you like these ideas!

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#1 Sweet and Sour Chickpea Rice Bowl

1-2 servings of cooked rice
(google says one serving is around ⅓ cup = 70g uncooked rice per person)

1 red onion
1 bell pepper or 2-3 tiny ones
1 small piece of fresh ginger (around 2,5cm = 1 inch)

oil for the pan

1 tbsp cornstarch + 2 tbsp water
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp ketchup
hot sauce to taste (I added ½ tsp)
2 tsp rice syrup
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 tbsp tomato purée

½ can chickpeas (120g; 4,23oz)
extra water to adjust the consistency
sesame seeds; spring onion for serving

*serves 1-2

#2 Lentil zucchini burrito

1 Zucchini
1 small clove of garlic
Oil for the pan
½ can brown lentils (120g; 4,23oz)
2 tbsp bbq sauce

the filling should be enough for 2 wraps so to male two you‘d also need

2 tortillas
1 avocado, mashed
salt and seasoning to taste
lemon juice to taste
vegan sour cream/vegan cream cheese/plain soy yogurt/ hummus
Sunflower or pumpkin seeds

Serves 2

#3 Spinach Pesto Pasta

2 servings of short cut pasta

½ can chickpeas (120g; 4,23oz)
1 handful of fresh basil
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
A handful of cashews (about 40g or ¼ cup)
2-3 tbsp lemon juice or white wine vinegar (more to taste if needed)
a generous pinch of salt
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
3 tbsp non dairy milk

also cherry tomatoes

Serves 2 🙂

#4 Poke Bowl Variation

1 small zucchini, grated
2 servings of cooked rice

for the sauce:
1 ½ tsp miso paste
1- 2 tsp sesame oil or olive oil or non dairy milk
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tbsp lemon or lime juice or white wine vinegar
1 tbsp extra non dairy milk to adjust the consistency of needed

Topping Ideas:
Canned pineapple
Edamame or Peas or chickpeas…
Sesame seeds
Smoked or any other flavoured tofu of choice
Roasted cashews; peanuts
Spring onion ….

Serves 2


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Finally most school lunch recipes include ham or turkey and I often have to make my own lunch on field trips cuz my school doesn’t support the vegan 🌱 lifestyle

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