LUNCH IDEAS FOR KIDS » vegan + healthy (bento box)

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

For those who have been asking, the bento boxes are from Monbento (I have not been sponsored by them to make these videos). You can find the bento boxes here:

Shiesh Lock says:

Hiya. Our family if 5 has recently decided to live ourselves and our world by going vegan. That was first day of school for this new school year. I'm watching this post to get ideas for school lunches for my 9, 11 and 13 year olds but help!!! Our son is anaphylactic allergic to ask nuts but almonds and also reacts to oats 😩. Even if we didn't personally have this concern for our son's well being, nowadays most elementary classrooms are nut free zones (Vancouver, BC). Would love guidance for school lunch recipes without nuts.

Dre Shoe Cooking says:

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Angela Polly says:

Poor options for nut-free schools.

Ruth Anne says:

I loooooooove thissssssss ty 😍😍😍😍😍

Money Always says:

Haha my 6 yr old would not eat any of these delicious meals/snacks. 😅

rainbow says:

Thank you for these! I might make these when I start high school

M.R. Mackinnon Ojeda says:

This is exactly what I have been needing. please make more or my son will eat the same lunches everyday hahaha

lyra says:

agere:) thank you

TrashFashionNL says:

Very nice! My dad always used to make me my lunch boxes and he used to 'write' messages on my banana bij cutting lightly into the peel with a knife. After a while these cuts turn brown and the message becomes perfectly legible. So no ink required. Such a warm memory for me. I have a son now and I can't wait for him to start school so I can make him message-bananas. 🙂

Breanna Bates says:

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qorincore says:

1:56 *having a vegan mother* : and here are your fruit roll-ups!

Ber says:

I can’t find the soy yogurt available in the U.S. Has anyone else found it?

Ber says:

What are your skewers made from?

stan_sprinkle says:

How do you close box #1 with the skewers hanging out?

Gurleen Kaur says:

So Adorable ❤🌟❤

Leela G says:

Such adorable lunches ❤️

xxx Jusdafrique says:

Top recipe!! Thank u so much! Can you do more for kids please!!

Silke Lankveld says:

So nice! And I think it can be very helpfull for a lot of parents too (bc I am not a parent yet hahaha). But I am a nanny and I've thought about this topic this before. These are very great idea's Sadia, thank u!!

Aria willows says:

Kids need the animal proteins to grow healthy. Denying them this is denying them their rights.

risa says:

NOW THIS, ive been looking for a while to find a aesthetic looking but not too adult like bento boxes for kids, i would make these for my future kids

isa dora says:

I just graduated from high school but i really want a bear sandwich

Sherry Sanderson says:

You need to cut grapes for kindergarten and first graders.

O T says:

That sandwich was SO beary cute!

TheNudibranchio says:

Will the banana slices turn black afterparty fes minutes?

Dale Mills says:

Many children are not allowed to bring any nuts or nut butters or chocolate of any kind in their lunch boxes to school.

jay ramseth says:

i wish my siblings would eat like this

Rina Soni says:

So many schools here are nut free… Have you got vegan and nut free ideas?? Please help if you can!!

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