VEGAN BUDGET CHALLENGE » €1/$1 meals for 5 days (+ grocery list)

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00:00 The budget challenge
01:18 The groceries
02:37 Roasted veggie salad:
05:28 Baked patty wraps:
07:53 Macaroni salad & quesadillas:
10:18 Potato & spinach curry:
12:29 Rice & tortilla soup:
14:30 Leftover groceries:
14:47 Skillshare:

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❤ Sadia


Neo Nhlapo says:

$20 in Nepal is 2 weeks worth of grocieries, loved living there

Elvira Ahimsa says:


Aleida Villatoro says:

Sadia, God bless your life and prosper PUL.
I enjoy your recipes!

Sarah Selva says:

Beautiful video! Can't wait to make these

theresa g5u says:

I really love this video.

Topolová Josefína says:

omg, the new website is soooo good by the way!!!

Danica Ciccariello says:

@pickuplimes Hi! May you recommend budget friendly groceries and shopping tips in the Netherlands? Specifically for buying asian ingredients and staple items.

Melanie Ortiz says:

You can't call it a quesodilla when it doesn't have cheese! Queso is Spanish for cheese! It's a lentildilla

Megha Regi says:

Tried the quesadilla, yummmmm 😘😘😘

S says:

What’s everyone’s favorite plant based yogurt to use as a base for sauces?! Any recs?

Deni-chan says:

Italy is not budget-friendly TT-TT With 20€ I can buy half of what you bought…I'm going to Netherlands than, I want to study abroad anyways.

Kreageek says:

Wow you have cheap groceries. I just checked how much it would be in my local dicount supermarket in Denmark. 254 dkr = 34 euro 😯 and for the roti masala, I had to just go with curry, and the soy yogurt is really hard to actually find.
But still a pretty good price for that many meals I think 🙂

Beatriz Freire says:

desafio: budget de 1 real por refeição

Linda Clayton says:


Antonio Fontana says:

sadia you are the person I look up the most. my goal is to be as calm, positive, happy and relaxing as you. thank you.

Raw Boarder says:

is macaroni vegan? not egg there?

Berivan Maslem says:

The interesting thing about this video is how much Afghani food is similar to Syrian food and even the language ( I am Kurdish from Syria ). Hat off for you Sadia 💚

b b says:

another great video from Sadia! well-prepared and perfect as usuall:)

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