Vegan Breakfast: Epic Breakfast Sandwich | The Edgy Veg

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I’m the EdgyVeg, a regular person who wants you to be able to make easy vegan recipes, whether you’re a veteran or becoming a vegan. Hopefully my vegan cooking will help you love what you eat regardless of your food preference!

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Guido Büttner says:

you forgot "some tschack danieellss" 😀

Blue Eyed Earthling says:

dayyum! i love it!

Mike Skolnik says:

why have I only seen this now!! farken hilarious. heaps good!

209KittyCat says:

You're cute and awesome!

Jessica Emilie Stone says:

HAHAHA this was too perfect! Also, anything with Siracha is love life and happiness 😀

Mochaluv says:

I really wanted to enjoy this video but the voice and the theatrics made me click off. But if there's another video with this recipe someone please guide me, I want to know how it turned out.

Chad Muskaa says:

EMT is by far the WORST channel I hv ever seen…..I have never in my life seen so much WASTED food and wasted dead animal….They are fucking disgusting!

lancestarjumper says:

Boo this person! That was paltry, NOT epic!. AND you were suppose to eat  it. WTF ?!?!!? BOOO!!!!!

Reinvent The Wheel says:

Haha, oh my.. Amazing! The music was appropriate..  😛

人诗 says:

you didn't cook anything though, what are the eggs? how did you cook it? all of it

Moxy O'Onyx says:

She's so funny? You're funny!

Miguel Camarena says:

Not a vegan but it looks delicious 😀 (just no tomato for me) double potatoes!!!

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