Epic Vegan Breakfast Sandwich (So Good!!)

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In today’s impromptu video I share an epic vegan breakfast sandwich loaded with vegan breakfast sausage, JUST egg, Violife cheese shreds, and other toppings on delish vegetable-infused bagels. Cheers!

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▹ JUST Egg
▹ Beyond Breakfast Sausage Pattys
▹ Daily Kneads bagels (with vegetables in them)
▹ Violife vegan cheese

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Mike Skylark says:

Totally unhealthy, but at least it caused LESS suffering to the sentient beings.

Cathy Lynn Pietranton says:

Michelle Just eggs are they kept in the refrigerator? We never tried them and I'm not sure we can find them in our stores. Looks delicious❤

Muna Jedski says:

Just Egg mixed in with tofu scramble is really good! That looked yummy Michelle!

Mel Rox says:

Just egg is pretty good. I like to scramble veggies into it then put tahini and hot sauce on it.

Gina House says:

Oh, this looks sooo good! Veggie sausage and bagels are the best! 😀

Johan Otter says:

For next video… It was a mirror image video.

One Minute Time says:

Ahh that looks so delicious I have two vegan pesto recipes on my channel

Mystic Dreamer says:

What a time to live in

Kushlanand Dobhal says:

Hi hugs from India………..😊❤️💓

nicolepapole says:

We have been making sandwiches like this for a few weeks. I found the sausage to overwhelm the egg so I've been having it on the side or leaving it out.

Tip to try if you're interested: pour a single serving of the JUST egg (we find one bottle makes 3 portions) into the pan (we use cast iron) and let it cook. Add some pepper and black salt which isn't salty but kicks up the egg flavor and then add the cheddar and fold like an omelet. It works REALLY well and the eggs stay in the sandwich better!

Much love!

Bushnell Entertainment says:

Yay! Nobody was hurt for our enjoyment of eating! That feels so good! I wish that for everyone! I really believe in our fellow human brothers and sisters we can all do it together!! Love u all!!!

Terra Bear says:

Love your videos!

Kayla Buentello says:

I'm late

10,000 Steps says:

There is literally so many options to eat healthier and animal free without missing the SAD! 👏 I definitely want to change my daily diet.

10,000 Steps says:

Is the "Just Scramble" made from chickpeas? Wow it looks just like eggs! 😲

Mr. LMAO says:

I've never been early before

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