simple VEGAN GRAB & GO BREAKFASTS | high protein recipes!!

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epic vegan breakfast burritos, savoury ‘bacon & cheese’ flavour muffins & tropical chia seed pots.

πŸ’¬ All the ingredients you will need –


🍽 Restaurant News –
πŸ”ͺ my knife –


πŸ“š Vegan 100 Cookbook –
πŸ“š Vegan Christmas Cookbook –



music by Dan Williams – @danbwilliams


Sue Medeiros says:

Gorgeous display and loved loved the smile after the joke! It was killer beautiful! Keep on with the breakfast vids!

devin farmiloe says:

Hi Gaz! Where do you store the muffins? And if you put them in the fridge do you reheat them in any way or enjoy them cold?

Amanda E says:

Hey Gaz tried your B/F Burritos so yum so easy.πŸ‘πŸ˜ Lots of love from South AfricaπŸ’₯

colleen jardim says:

very entertaining vid…. food looks delish

Trev & Stace says:

WOW to all! 😍

How would you recommend warming the burritos on following days?

Evelyn Dill says:

I'm just screaming internally about pudding now

Jenelle Griles says:

Definitely going to try the burrito….well basically all of them! lol Just received my book Plant Based Kitchen, can't wait

Raana d says:

I just made these breakfast muffins. Man, they're amazing!!! I used 50ml of olive oil instead of 120ml and they turned out great!

Shantel Davis says:

Thank you for your passion for food! Vegan, delicious and creative! Not to mention you have a great personality and sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your recipes and time with us. This will be my first time trying your recipes but can't wait. If these muffins turn out as good as they look, I will definitely be buying your book! Thank you!

Moon&Sun Angel says:

Love how you make your dishes look😏I'm not vegan but it looks great πŸ‘Œ can't wait for this restaurant to be opened and try something newπŸ™‚

Melissa James says:

Wow! Thanks, Gaz! I've been looking for a vegan savory breakfast muffin for the last few weeks!

Daily Doggo says:

can you do a pans&pots video please? it's not easy to chose the right ones depending on the food you cook, the temperature, the cooking time and things like that :/

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