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Silent Vlog | A Day Full of Healthy and Cosy Winter Food | Vegan Chickpea Salad & Green Lentil Soup

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That day I was in a legumes mood so I made a salad and a soup with chickpeas, green lentils and various fresh produce at home for dinner. As I was cooking my favourite winter soup which is so warming and filling that it could be considered as a main dish for a lazy day, especially during winter, I wanted to film and upload it to youtube to share the recipe with everyone! I also made a chickpea salad -vegan-, which is a perfect main dish for lunch or a side dish for dinner. It is filling and hearty. You can add whatever fresh produce you have in the fridge.

Though chickpeas are the rising stars thanks to the veganism in other parts of the world. And to be honest legumes and grains were considered “food for the poor” here until the colourful bowls with clumsy recipes emerged on Instagram posts. (I see some irony here.) On the other hand, since I’ve never been a meat lover, I’ve always liked them, and still do. All legumes and grains are staple ingredients in Turkish cuisine. They are in pilafs, soups, stews, bread, and even in drinks. It’s amusing seeing people discovering these staples all over again. As an attempt to reclaim my own heritage recipes, in the video, I made one modern dish and one traditional dish.

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🤗 disclaimer: not a vegan nor a vegetarian, not even a pescatarian.

‘0:26’ : Breakfast Routine
’02:30′ : Chickpea Salad, my modern take
’06:14′ : Traditional Turkish Green Lentil Soup with Erişte

If you are vegan you can substitute the butter in the soup with olive oil. I explained a lot more in the below-linked blog posts about the recipes.

For the recipe of “Chickpea Salad, my modern take” head over to this post:

For the recipe of “Traditional Turkish Green Lentil Soup with Erişte” and my rant over the tomato and red pepper paste head over to this post:

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