OIL FREE VEGAN BROCCOLI & CHEESE CASSEROLE » Diabetic Approved Recipe for Mastering Diabetes!

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Our recipes are being recommended by the wonderful folks over at Mastering Diabetes: Robby Barbaro, MPH and Cyrus Khambatta, PhD for their diabetic clients so we created this recipe to promote their new book Mastering Diabetes and their course and coaching programs. We get asked regularly if our recipes are safe for diabetics so it is exciting for us to be able to point to solid research that says an emphatic YES! This scrumptious Oil Free Vegan Broccoli and Cheese Casserole is diabetic approved and can be used as part of their program to take back control of all types of diabetes including Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Pre-Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes. Be sure to check out the links below to Robby and Cyrus’s new book Mastering Diabetes and their fantastic course and guided coaching program. If you or someone you know is struggling with diabetes then these guys have the answers you have been looking for and their work is fully grounded in a whole food plant based lifestyle!

» https://plantbasedcookingshow.com/2020/02/14/vegan-cheesy-broccoli-&-rice-casserole

» https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/book?orid=109754&opid=7

» https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/how-it-works/?orid=109754&opid=8

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Lokilicious says:

WOW! just took my first bite and it's one of the most delicious meals I've made in 3 years of being WFPB. Wow wow wow, amazing!

Enchanted Studio's says:

We are having this for dinner tonight. I tasted the cheese sauce and omg it was great. Thank you for creating these meals. I also bought your cookbook and we are diving right in.

Lori B says:

I got tired of blending cashews, so used tahini instead. So good.

Lisa Heilbron says:

Yum!! Can you substitute hemp hearts for the cashews in the sauce? Thank you!

Miguel Ramirez says:

U make it look so easy !! Can't wait to try your recipe

Patty Watson says:

I loved this recipe. This was so tasty. I did make extra cheese sauce to add when I reheated the casserole.

Stevey Moffat says:

I made this recipe today! Delicious!

Stephanie Johnson says:

Thanks so much for your recipes. Is rice considered diabetic friendly? Doesn’t it raise your glucose levels?

LisaR777 says:

Just made this tonight, and it turned out delicious!

Cindy Leeger says:

Ummm, ummmm, good

SFZombie247 says:

I will make this today !

Rob Z says:

Big fan of Robbie Cyrus and all of the Daltons!!!!

Marlon Dulay says:

I must say this recipe is amazing! I made it today is came out perfect! I highly recommend this dish! Thank you

Marlon Dulay says:

Question could you use different nuts if you don’t have Cashews? e.g. peanuts, pine nuts?


Love ur shows. Can you plz note also if they are good to freeze.🥰

Debbie Hobbs says:

Thanks Jill for sharing your recipes! 🙂 Just not sure if you knew that regular nutritional yeast is really bad for us. Here's some info on it. https://traditionalcookingschool.com/health-and-nutrition/healthy-living-health-and-nutrition/why-nutritional-yeast-is-not-vegan-health-food/

Jana AM says:

Thank you for this!!! I am in the process of reversing my T2D, and your recipes are amazing and very diabetic friendly…THANK YOU for all you do!!! <3

Toni Bartling says:

Could it be freezer friendly?

scpearly1 says:

just made this and LOVE IT! thank you, this will definitely be a staple sauce for baking veggies in yum!

Cindy Leeger says:

Made this today, I used risotto and spinach, I also forgot the mustard. Wow, will be making weekly, so yummy. Thank you 😊

Lala Hobbs says:

what type/brand of rice do you use? I have never cooked rice and have rarely eaten it in my lifetime but this does look like a yummy dish.

Pam Doherty says:

Yummy 😋. Comfort food! Just in time for cold weather 😫

J9 Como says:

Do you have an idea of a substitute for the cashews? I'm sensitive to cashews. What do you think about chickpeas?

Vladimir Gonzalez says:

IT looks great. However, don't the properties of the brocolli are destroyed when is cooked??

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