Making A Vegan Breakfast Sausage Sandwich For The First Time!

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I’m inviting my girlfriend Kitty into the kitchen for a recipe challenge. Who can make the best breakfast sausage sandwich? I must give her credit because she rarely cooks and managed to pull of a pretty outstanding bite here. Who do you guys think did it better?

Using the Gardein breakfast sausage patties were actually an interesting buy. I didn’t really expect them to be that good, but they turned out pretty slammin. I used black salt on the fried tofu to give it a nice eggy flavor while topping everything off with Follow Your Heart cheese. Really, then only cheese I’d ever go for!

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Sendy Kumalakanta says:

Am I missing something, since when is cheese vegan? 😆

Henry Huynh says:

You deserve more views. Subscribed!

Jeff Palmer says:

That was awesome. Keep Kitty out of the kitchen though. Lol

Hiprock diva says:

Thanks for sharing! Cute couple btw

kane01337 says:

Both look great! Awesome way to start the day along with a coffee 🙂
What was in Kitty's mystery bowl @ 7:00 mins ?

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