Make This Spicy Coconut Chickpea Curry At Home | Quarantine Cooking

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Chef Eric Adjepong, Top Chef finalist, James Beard Award winner and Bowery Farming Culinary Advisor, is in his home kitchen making Coconut Chickpea Curry. Eric makes this quick and easy dish using pantry staples like canned coconut milk and chickpeas. He also blends Scotch bonnet peppers and vinegar together to make his own hot sauce, adding heat to the curry. He finishes off the dish with some fresh mustard greens and serves it with coconut rice, resulting in a satisfying and spicy vegan curry that is balanced by the subtle sweetness of coconut milk. Check out the recipe here:

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skateboarder1973 says:


The Vegetarian Hannibal says:

Thank you for the recipe. You can visit my channel for more vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Toby Lingard says:

Highly reccomend this is absolutely delicious, I added peas with the chickpeas at the end rather than mustard greens as I couldn't find these in my local grocery and didnt have any spinach lying around in the fridge!

busa89 says:

This came out awesome. I did use apple cider vinegar instead of balsamic white vinegar. And unfortunately in Washington State there isn’t many scotch bonnets haha. So I had to use habanero.

Randy Brooks says:

Yumbastical, young brudda.

makigott19 says:

Do you really need to remove the tops and bottoms of a pepper I mean its not like its hard or anything its still iss the pepper, just remove the stem and seeds no need to waste that much really!

Shelly Gaudet says:

Looks amazing !

jhonadavid says:

chef level: broken whisk

BanterRanter says:

Going to Sainsbury now to buy ingredients

TyGottaFeelin ΩΨΦ says:

Let’s Go E!!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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