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How To Make Fresh Rice Paper Rolls | Tips and Technique

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Make and eat healthy vegan and vegetarian fresh rice paper rolls (also called summer rolls or salad rolls) when you’re feeling virtuous. They’re light, flavourful and beautiful. They make perfect hot-weather food but are great anytime of the year. They’re easy to assemble and roll. This video is to help you master everything about rolling fresh rice paper rolls. Learn how to select, cut, and organize ingredients and how to perfectly wrap your own fresh rice paper rolls. There are numerous varieties of Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls (gỏi cuốn chay) and they’re very easy to make vegan or vegetarian.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Cooking Rice Vermicelli Noodles
00:55 Making the Everyday Table Sauce (Dipping Sauce)
03:13 Preparing the Fillings (Choosing/ Selecting Greens)
05:23 Choosing and Picking Herbs
06:08 Vegetable Choices/ Cutting and Slicing Tips
09:41 Organizing your rice paper rolling station
10:49 Rehydrating Rice Paper/ Water Temperature
12:15 Technique to Roll Rice Paper
13:49 Eating and Sharing Rice Paper Rolls
14:35 Tips for Making Rice Paper Rolls in Advance
15:17 Summary of Main Tips for Making Rice Paper Rolls
16:22 Outro

And we can’t forget the wonderful dipping sauces a vegan Everyday Table Sauce pg 49 (nuoc cham chay) or a Peanuty Fermented Soybean Dipping Sauce pg 52 (Nuoc Leo Chay).

You can find recipes for different traditional Vietnamese vegan/ vegetarian fresh rice paper rolls and their dipping sauces in my cookbook VEGETARIAN VIETNAM

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