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High Protein Breakfast Smoothie! Struggle to eat in the morning? #smoothie #fitness #fatloss #recipe

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High Protein Breakfast Smoothie! With 48g of Protein!

Smoothies like this are perfect for busy mornings when you don’t have time to cook and it is especially great when fasting during Ramadan. An easy way to get nutritious calories in🤌🏽 I usually have this after my workouts as it’s fast digesting


568 Calorie | 48g Protein | 58g Carbs | 16g Fat


– 80g Banana | 71 Calories
– 80 Blueberries | 46 Calories
– 25g Protein Granola | 110 Calorie (Brand: Aldi Harvest Morn)
– 50g Greek Yogurt | 27 Calories (Brand: Milbona)
– 20g Peanut Butter | 116 Calories (Brand: Whole Earth)
– 30g Protein Powder | 120 Calories (Brand: Myprotein)
– 200ml Skimmed Milk | 70 Calories

Blend and ENJOY!

Let me know if you want more smoothie recipes!