Coffee Smoothie Recipe | High Energy Breakfast Smoothie | Healthy Meal Replacement

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Coffee Smoothie Recipe| High Energy Breakfast Smoothie | Healthy Meal Replacement
Put a pep to your step and start your day with this delicious coffee smoothie full of healthy energy giving ingredients such as coffee, oats, flaxseed, cashew butter, chia seeds, and more.
If you need a great morning meal that will give you your coffee and energy, try this delicious coffee smoothie!
Coffee Smoothie Recipe:
1 frozen banana (If not frozen add a little ice)
1/2 to 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, unsweetened
1cup of brewed coffee, chilled
2 Tbsps of rolled oats
1 Tbsp of cashew butter (or peanut butter/almond butter)
1/2 to 1 Tbsp Ground flaxseed
1/2 Tbsp of chia seeds
1 Tbsp of cacao or chocolate protein powder
(Brew the coffee and allow to cool)

​Blend all together and enjoy!

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Alyena’s Kitchen says:

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We also have a delicious TIRAMISU coffee smoothie ☕😊

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PatienceMelissa says:

Almost my recipe exactly that I've been making in the Nutribullet and drinking daily for years! You're right… It's delicious!!! 🙂

Shahoon Patel says:

Thanks for the recipe!

Tim Rose says:

This recipe looks so tasty Aly! If someone doesn't want the caffeine from coffee, would you recommend a decent replacement that doesn't alter the flavour profile too much? Just curious! Caffeine is difficult for me lol! But this looks soooooo good! 😀 Oh I just noticed too this is where your logo came from haha! 😀

YMJ says:

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Rajendra Brahmbhatt says:

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Smoothy and delicious healty coffee👍👏

Krystle Lauren says:

Clicked on this video and instantly thought I was getting a recipe from The garden of eden with eve. Love this

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This coffee smoothie looks delicious and healthy

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Tainted Mango Wanderings says:

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