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He doesn't like vegan tacos  ( via : therealtickennugget )

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andrea coats says:

You know what good taste is and it's not that

Average Chad Legionary says:

I’m no vegan but if that’s a spicy potato soft taco I love those things

Anita Killebrew says:

I'm with the pup…..I wouldn't eat it either!

Ike Van rosendaal says:

He is like dont feed me this bunny garbage human!

Castaway says:

Talk nice to your dog. He can sense and understand it

Jane Doe says:

I wouldn't eat that either. Poor doggy.

Chris Chavarria says:

What a cute dog

ToILetRoll says:

My pit eats what I do pretty much besides not good for her stuff

Bryan Miller says:

A excellent job everyone hates them except for the grazers

Ronan Deevy says:

He’s sorry

Fernando C says:


Edward Hood says:

My favorite!

😆 i thought yu wanted..

Joy Saunders says:

And by the way I would have dropped that s*** too if it had no meat

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