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explaining pregnancy hints we gave, vegan food haul & boba tea date! |

explaining pregnancy hints we gave, vegan food haul & boba tea date!

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Jovonna Reynolds says:

glad 2 b on this journey with u. I had my daughter after u had Cove. My baby girl is 15mons and currently due with baby #2 Nov 2021. currently 10wks. Glad 2 be on the journey with u

Abbie Goodridge says:

Why have I never thought to use an eyelash curler lol. I’ve tried extensions . Hate them . I tried lash lift , turned my eyelashes literally curly ! So if I was to use an eyelash curler do you use it first then put on mascara I assume ? Does it make a lot of difference with mascara

Carmen'svlogs says:

Lol I never heard of that saying either.

Joy Gabrielli says:

Literally just met you guys in the airport how cool!!!

Julia Farrell says:

okay but the Easter vlog?? When she literally said she’d have a baby by next year!!! That was the main one that really got me hahahaha I can’t believe she didn’t mention that one 😅

genevieve m says:

Quick note husbands, if your wife says a certain job makes her sick during her pregnancy just shut up and do it. She's carrying your child while you don't have to do anything but be supportive and pick up the slack for 9 months. Then she births that child and feeds it and is up all hours of the night. Don't complain about the extra work you have to do during this time because it's NOTHING compared to what your wife is going through and sacrificing for your family. It seems small but these daily complaints and immaturity add up and are the cause of most divorces (child of a divorce lawyer here). That is all 🙂

StephandTimTravel says:

That’s been my biggest craving this pregnancy with my boy is potato chips

itsKaraElizabeth says:

Dupe = duplicate

Aimée Susana Tapias Albornoz says:

Hahaha parker always sounds scared when aspyn talks about more babies

Annum Qasim says:

Dupe = duplicate

Stephanie Jones says:

Your EASTER VLOG was a dead giveaway you said "we will for sure have a baby next year" in the life update

Grace ___ says:

Something that made me think you were pregnant was in either the Easter vlog and u were doing the update and you said something like. “We could have a baby this year like we probably will”

Kelsey says:

There was a vlog clip of Parker talking in the kitchen one day and the new baby ultrasound pictures were on the side of the fridge in the background. That's how I knew!

Bonnie Kent says:

Perhaps the Easter giveaway was by accident but in your Easter vlog you gave a speech at the end where you said next Easter would be different because you would have 2 children by them. That sure sounded like a clue to me

dogsarebest says:

Aspyn: "I don't normally want potato chips"
Me: "It'd be weird if I DIDN'T want potato chips" (Especially with ranch)

Em says:

stopppp cove is too cute

Healthy Emmie says:

Can't wait to know the gender!! 💕💕

Rachel Andrews says:

kung fu tea is the best!!

Ava says:

Luma: 👁👄👁
Cove: 🏃‍♀️💥

Kristen Gardner says:

I have no idea why Cove signing "more" made me tear up. That was so cute 😭

Bails Ari says:

you also showed a new diaper bag!

merve mujdeci says:

Dupe is short for duplicate 🙂

Alexis Mizell-Pleasant says:

For Parker: dupe is slang for “duplicate”-meaning the same type of thing but usually at a cheaper price point 😃 y’all are too cute, uhgh

Mariadelmar Franco says:

omggg im crying! Aspyn is such a sweet beautiful mom! how she is talking to her baby and warming up her food damn and cove is so smart and precious!! soon she will be saying her first words <3 <3

CheerleaderAndPompom says:

English is not my first language and i learned the word "dupe" years ago from watching makeup dupe videos hahahahah

F B N x says:

I love your dress, where is it from?

kathelijn Brambring says:

Cove is so cute in this vlog! I can't

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