Everything Travis Barker Eats in a Day: Vegan Edition | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

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Best known as the drummer from Blink-182, @Travis Barker is a musician and producer based in California, who recently launched his own CBD wellness brand, Barker Wellness Co. In this episode of #FoodDiaries, Travis breaks down a typical day of his favorite gluten-free vegan eats and go-to L.A. restaurants.

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Everything Travis Barker Eats in a Day: Vegan Edition | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Haper’s BAZAAR

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JacQuetta Kindred Bruce says:

Yeah Travis and Kourtney match ❤

Tati’s Music Chat’s says:

Don’t forget Kourtney’s famous avocado pudding.

Yasmin Dini says:

I like my coffee black. I'll either drink espresso or vanilla latte with oat milk.

-Travis Barker, 2021

s l says:

Yeah this was kind of eye opening . I usually think vegan diets are boring but there isn’t one thing I wouldn’t eat

HrHrHr says:

I usually drink EXPResso omg gurl get a grip

Bethany Gilbert says:

So he just eats out at restaurants every day lol?

Natalie Lopez says:

I was really hoping he'd mention at home cooked meals, but all the meals were restaurant favorites.

Linny w says:

I love it when people who are famous break through all illusions and show their true selves to be enlightened and health conscious he even seems down to earth when he speaks that amazes me.good for him.


First thing I do when I wake up is smoke a huge…… 😜😜😜😅😅


Seriously, this guy looks like he's just climed out of the loo in trainspotting. If you saw him on the street under a duvet he wouldn't be out of place.

Not shaming his tattoos or anything, he has a style he wants to showcase, but I will certainly not be taking any health advice from this dude that's for sure.

He does not look the picture of health, and I seriously think 'celeb's' believe they have this superior rule that enables them to flaunt the 'street urchin' look and lifestyle because they have the money to pay for it, almost as if to undermine the real people on the streets indirectly.

The kardashian he's sleeping with,, I believe is going through a mid-life crisis too, and clearly the chemistry between the two of them, (good/ bad/fake or real) is going to be a train wreck that's for sure.

I have my popcorn (vegan of course) and I look forward to the crash!!

Blinks Bill says:

Wow this is why he is dating kourtney.

Jennifer Eddy says:

Humanity isn’t a positive connotation?

Ambra Anderson says:

Goat milk? Thats not vegan.


So why is the erewhon ref like 20 yrs old of a sign…

Stephen Beatty says:


Maria says:

Um expresso.?

J Doh says:

Like omgggg

LunarBaby 22 says:

He doesn’t look so good.

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