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Crunchy Scott says:

2019 vibes…lol! Love it!

louise says:

for people saying why do vegans eat mock meat

well firstly, no animals got murdered for it. Not torture, murder, and slavery of animals happened for it. It's also amazing what can be created with no harm, so I'm all for that. Also, it helps those who loved meat prior so still have the memories of what they used to eat, they just don't want a life lost for it! It's crazy how people get so many and joke about over the fact we vegans eat mock meat. When we just don't want suffering to happen. Yeah, some people generally do not care for murder, they're those people around. But the fact is if you're not wired that way, why would you not choose to eat vegan food.

Also, some mock meat has its own taste, so it is just a different and wonderful flavor.

It's like when people buy dildos, feels close to the real thing. Does the job. Makes you feel good. No hearts are broken. bam

louise says:

violife and daiya is damn good cheese

louise says:

the Starbucks breakfast wrap is so fucking nice! soooo good
the starbucks breakfast burger is damn good

louise says:

the vegan KFC burger is so good! no one should say anything negative about it if you have no tried it. Fair enough if you do not like it. I did not find it dry. Maybe if you want more vegan mayo bring your own if you're off to kfc haha

louise says:

veganism is not a trend

Rosa de Plata says:

Doughnuts are vegan in general…

harmeet kalia says:

Mcdonalds also do a vegetiable deluxe burger

Hannah Brennan says:

Aw I used to get that vegan Starbucks breakfast wrap all the time when I lived in the UK! I love it hahah

harmeet kalia says:

You should have got the vegan b urged as a meal with chips

goti bhumi says:

Start watching marvel movies on Disney +

harmeet kalia says:

You should have got the burger with chips

Rayy says:

Studio ghibli phase next on netflix

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