Easy Plant Based Quesadillas | Breakfast & Dinner! | Vegan Oil Free

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When I think of quesadillas, I’m reminded of that unhealthy garbage I used to eat in a past life. Not anymore! These quesadillas are plant-based, healthy, and even salt, oil, and sugar free! Not only that, but they’re pretty easy too. We did two different quesadillas for this video: a “breakfast” quesadilla with an omelette-style chickpea filling, and a “dinner” quesadilla with a sweet potato and black bean filling. Both were delicious!

Click HERE for the recipe!!!!


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KrystleRose says:

You guys kill me I love it your best channel on here 🤗🤩🙃🌱✨💞

Silver Fox says:

Awesome 👏🏻

1922mistyblue says:

So fun to watch

pda says:

!!QUESADILLAS!! I know where my sweet potatoes are headed 😍

Alex Bracht says:

You guys rock!

Ridwana Isla says:

Omg this is what I’ve been craving!

Buck Fiden says:

Wtf was going on just before she popped up from behind the counter, is what I want to know…..

Neppie's World says:

Loved your humor! Loved the dancing too!

Rebecca Bosley says:

Throw down quesadillas….yea baby

Snow White says:

I love it. I don’t have to speed up the video and everything is there plus the fun!

1auntievenom says:

Use your weights to gild down mushrooms when you saute for an irresistible char. Yums

Pamela Grundman says:

So fn funny and yummy! Xo

Tosca says:

I'm a thin filling with pico and avocada on the side. But am making this maybe with the baking powder 😉

Kelly Vodnoy says:

You're both so silly today. I love it!! Keep em coming.

Peggy Lagrange says:

Just made the breakfast quesadilla. Awesome. Enough leftover for a few more breakfasts. Very filling and so tasty.

Claudine Mondesir says:

Great video! Looking forward to making this.

Cindy Leeger says:

As usual, fun and informative. I actually have everything for recipe 1, I might have chickpea flour too! Yummy, thanks Dill and Reebs.

d rabbit white says:

After this ended, I went back to the cheese sauce recipes, made a bunch, and ate it in that concocted bean, and pico, thing, but also added air-dried tater chunks. Dang, that was good, thinking about doing it again, today.

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