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Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup | Healthy Vegan Recipes

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Now that Fall and the colder weather is here, I wanted to share a warm, comforting recipe that I know you’re just going to love – my amazing Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup! Now I have to be honest with you guys, I’ve been holding out on sharing this recipe since the summer, but it was worth it because I know you’ll enjoy it way more on a cold weather kind of day than a hot one.


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Mads D says:

I've put too much onion and fdfkhskhfd'ed it. haha.

Toxic Flour says:

What can i use instead of salt? Bcos i cant eat food with salt

Heather Luna says:


daansha says:

Beautiful dress or blouse❤

Kathryn Diaz says:

Made this for dinner today…..yummmm. I couldn’t find garam masala at my grocery store.

Pwoww77 says:

Yummmmmm …. can’t wait to try it!

Nathalie Moniz says:

Sounds great, does it freeze well?

Linsey says:

Most chicken bouillons have chicken fat in them… I don't understand why you wouldn't just use vegetable broth

Wedart Studio says:

Great recipe 🙂 I like yours presentation🍷😊

ᴠᴧᴨᴛᴧᴃᴌᴧcᴋ says:

0:50 Start

fateme haidari says:

Hi, Is it going to taste like coconut by adding the milk?

angie M says:

My mouth is watering

M M says:

go ahead and

Ale Montoya says:

Thank you for this recipe!!! I just made a batch and it came out delish!!! I had no fresh basil but fresh oregano so I used that instead. Im bringing it to a Christmas potluck at the beach and doing a second batch to keep home!!!! Regards from Sayulita, Mexico!!!

Matt 400 says:

Your beautiful

Jess Q says:

We had last night ans we allloves it kids and all

Gary Conley says:

Yeah not all bullion is vegan so you gotta be careful saying things like that or you risk the wrath of the vegan mafia,especially those who are vegan due to concerns around factory farming and animal cruelty. I enjoy eating vegan due to the many heath benefits, but dont get as worked up over meat as some of my vegan brothers and sisters do. Great recipie i will definitely give it a try!

Khalidah Pierce says:

I just made this its really good I didn't add coconut milk tho but it was still bomb 💣 time to shed these pounds

Yshow Productions says:

Is the canned coconut milk used in the video sweetened or unsweetened?

marvie marquez says:

great hope u had more videos

Lucy Harcourt says:

How many times does she want to say "go ahead" – it ruined the video for me

Sledge Hammer says:

looks good .
add beef tenderloin meat balls .
oh ,get a sharp knife .

Elham Sindi says:

Such an awesome recipe 👍🌺🌺🌺

Michael hiyama says:

Ohh I'm making this tomorrow! I'm stoked I found your channel!

Chris Bartos says:

You are incredibly hot. I'd watch you even if you boiled a pot of eggs. OMG…soooooo cute!!

joe1een says:

Oh my goodness, just made your soup and it is delicious. Best soup I've had in a long time, would love you to post more recipe's now that the winter is here xx

Sandra Carli says:

Thanks for sharing. I'll try your recipe but will use freshly made coconut milk. Canned coconut milk is bad for the arteries :-/

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