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Cooking vegetarian Spanish Paella | Tapas style

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After living for a couple of years in Barcelona, paella has certainly become one of my favourite dishes!
In Spain tapas and paella are arguably the most popular dishes, but what had struck me was that they rarely intertwine. I had never come across paella in a tapas menu for example… (and just for clarification, I am not talking about a small portion of paella on a small paella pan… I mean like actual tapa, that you can eat in 1 bite).
So, in this video I’ve decided to combine both add some elements of the molecular gastronomy! Why not, right?!

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Here I am, cooking a traditional Spanish paella (a simple/basic vegetarian version) and talk about 3 main aspects that make GREAT PAELLA:
– Soffritto
– Saffron
– Socarrat
In addition, if you watch until the very end, I will show you my modernist plating version in tapas style 😉

For plating of this paella, I use the recipes from the previous 3 videos that I’ve posted on my channel. So make sure to watch them, if you want to follow my steps.

– TUILE – https://youtu.be/rYYxIGMoiPM
– REVERSE SPHERIFICATION – https://youtu.be/NrazRwto0jo
– TOMATO FLAKES – https://youtu.be/O82j4HDfzgo

I plate paella in a Saffron tuile basket, paired with Spanish white wine sphere and garnish with tomato flakes.
I call it “perfect pairing in one bite” 🙂

| Cooking vegetarian Spanish Paella | Tapas style |
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