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[ENG/CHI Subtitles Available] So blessed to be eating at my favorite vegan restaurant in Osaka! #Osaka #Vegan #Japan


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◘ shot on Canon G7x Mark II + iPhone SE

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Epidemic Sound (

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“Goodbye” by Mark Redito (Bohkeh Remix)
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Hello~ I’m Andrea, a mid-20 foodie who loves traveling and making videos. I figured Youtube is a great platform where I can share the content made from all my passions combined 🙂
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Misus Yaya says:

I know Aquarium is not a vegan place to visit…but I’d rather spend quality time with my dad than be anal about it and ruin everyone’s day……sorry vegan police 🥺🙏

Ahlee The Great says:

that strawberry cake has to be top notch

effervescent_bubbles says:

is your dad friends with this billionaire?

stevenkev says:

Feel sorry for your dad

Soyami Vegan says:

Yeay! 😆 👏🏻 👏🏻 😍 👍🏻 👍🏻 💯 For this vlog 🤗
*Nonton tengah malam bikin lafarrrr 😂 😂 😂

Nick and Helmi says:

aww wow we never thought of vegan food in Osaka, great video 🙂

Paws says:

I wish everyone vlogged about their meals like you – you do it perfectly.

straberryshinigami15 g says:

Do you live in japan now or are visiting?

KaitoSuzo says:

Welp. At least you spended time with your dad Yaya-san :3. Also I really liked the end of the video. I really liked the beautiful room where the jellyfishes are and the small angels(forgot the name but me know that they angels x3) and how your dad smiled. Pretty good day I can tell. :3

Dedestio says:

Wagelaseh sama pak Hartono 👏

Nilesh Vasa says:

When I visited Osaka aquarium..I too mesmerised with jelly fish …I still remember…🥰🥰🥰

You De says:

You are so cute & cheerful.. Whosoever gets you will be very lucky guy.. I wish I had someone like you..

徐培航 says:

Good happy together!!!

coco latte says:

Omg did I hear Pewdiepie's voice or am I trippin 🤣

Sydney Chien says:

that's so cool! Billionaire 😱

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