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Vegan & Vegetarian-Friendly Okonomiyaki in OSAKA

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Oko’s website:

I don’t see the online reservation anymore 🙁

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Arctic W says:

EVERYTHING LOOKS SO YUMMY. The menu looks so cute 😍 Definitely going to visit this!!!

alex says:

Oh my god!!!!! A must go once I can finally visit you!!!!

FURI FURI Kitchen says:

Wow, it was so difficult to find vegan friendly restaurants when I was living in Japan, but now you can even enjoy vegan okonomiyaki! Yay😋 This place is very cute and the food looks delicious♡

Rosey Posey says:

That looks lovely! I cannot wait to get back to Japan!

Legit Heat says:

Looks so good, esp the cold beer!

arosea123 says:

Love your videos!

Enigma Dave says:

I know it's a small place, but considering how labor intensive preparing Okonomiyaki is, it's amazing she's able to stay on top of everything.

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