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wagamama asked us to come and try a new dish on their new vegan menu, the kare burosu ramen.

We said yes, but only if we could try everything on the menu! We ate everything in one sitting.

wagamama’s vegan game is strong. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!

If you wanna know why wagamama have released a vegan menu, give this link a click: www.wagamama.com/vegan

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Music by Poldoore: https://soundcloud.com/poldoore


Hello there says:

The Kare Burosu was one of the worst ramen I ever taste in my life. Very salty and very heavy. You can’t get after half bowl. The broth tasted like were made form Doritos.

The She-Dragon says:

Man I love the pad thai. It's so freakin good.

Alexandra Mian says:

The vegan katsu is unbelievable couldnt tell it was vegan 😍 felt weird eating it!

faszinierender stadtplan says:

Germany? Berlin?

ElleV Pavan says:

This made me so happy❕
I'm on a Ѷegan natural high❕

೬ೂೄ ೀಾಿಧಿೈೋೌ೬ೂೄ ೀಾಿಧಿ೬ೂೄ
🍃B E A U T I F U L Ѷ B O S H 🍃
೬ೂೄ ೀಾಿಧಿೈೋೌ೬ೂೄ ೀಾಿಧಿ೬ೂೄ

Eոj०y Lіſe❕ ¸¸.•*♫♪´*•.¸ Ѷ Style ಞ҉

Dane Reads says:

Their chef was a natural, he should make his own show!

Nikki Fedakova says:

Awseome awesome!!!! I'm trying it today! Thanks for the review guys! Love this segment!

Sara X says:

Ik defo hungry 😂😭😭

Christina Chico says:

What do you think can be used in replacement of tofu?

Jordan Wragg says:

I had the kare buroso ramen yesterday i loved it

Neny Lei says:

Yummy!! Needs to make this udon noodles.

the Owl says:

A lot is actually already on the menu? Well here in the Netherlands… Too bad, was hoping for new options!

Jamie Heares says:

Awesome! This is great content 🙂 I love your guys normal videos, but this kind of thing is really fun too. Hope Wagamama’s Australia takes note of the new menu!

Gintarė Stepanavičiūtė says:

Omg when is the seitan katsu curry coming? 😲 I'm going to the UK next month, I hope they have it then!! 😍

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