Aishwarya Rajesh tries Vegan food! | Menu Please | Netflix India

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Aishwarya got a little too excited about the Payasam, but we forgive her.

In this episode of Menu Please, Aishwarya Rajesh and Kishen Das guess the dishes in a Tamil Vegan meal. Aishwarya Rajesh stars in Boomika, now streaming on Netflix.

Menu Please:
Director – Sumedh Natu
Producer – Sujay Kulkarni
DoP – Saiyam Wakchaure
Editor – Balaji
Post Production – Postbox 28

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Akash says:

Nan apdi dhan da solluvan..en episode uh en rules uh!! Awesome da dei vj🤣🤣. Adra adra adra!!!

Deepika says:

love kishen! ❤😛

kripa saatvika says:


Sowmya p Reddy says:

Netflix do telugu and kannada also

Nishitha Sudarsanam says:

2:12 I'm also very scary person

Nishitha Sudarsanam says:

1:32 even I love horror films

Bharani says:



Nice Nikhil Kini has replaced, thank you verry much.

M G says:

so stupid questions…and she answers as a dumb queen….sathyama sollunga ungalukku adai na enna nu theriyadhu…scene over ah irukku aiswarya kum …bhoomi padam was soora kuppai…oru dashu realization um varla adha paaaathu….plus not scary at all

Rock says:

This guy talks like singer karthik

Dharshan Chandramohan says:

what the heck happened to kini netflix???

A R says:

Kishen das you are like my favorite host now🔥💯

Adityakiran says:

Firstly Tamil food and on top of that vegan 🤮🤮

Niren says:

Who else read the first to words as 'Aishwarya Rai' and then saw her face then read it correctly?😅😂

dev says:

Kishen, you're adipoli !!

Akshaya K. S. J says:

I don't know bout other choices by netflix but kishen is the best choice

The 2States says:

Amazing energy bro keep up the good work. Its so nice to hear a proper tamil from an originally malayalai guy 😍😍😍😍

Unna says:

Such a honest actress 🤩just loved watching 👌

Sameer Mohammed says:

Yavarum nalam is my scariest horror movie till date😧

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