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Our vegan meal prep for weight loss won’t break the bank and it’s accessible to all levels of cook. We use whatever veg we could get on special and tried o make it as interesting as possible. The great thing about this is that it’s low in calories and high in fibre so you can eat away on it and you’ll definitely get full before you can over eat.

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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chloemeeh says:

How many calories are in a portion of the curry? Looks so good

joel lovett says:

furious pete

Delaney Reyes says:

I love curry but I have to cook it outside in our grill because my house will smell like curry for days lol I also tend to only put a tiny bit of curry powder because of how strong it is. I love the caramelized banana for the oatmeal. Definitely going to try that this week!

vikamylife says:

Perfect dishes! Really inspiring ❤

Kimmy Grant says:

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Sherreeva Perry says:

breakfast club power 105.1

Sherry B says:

I love your videos Dave and Steve!!!! God bless you both!!!

Zara Carr says:

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Katia Barhoum says:

It seems there is some beans but did not mention it

Jill says:

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Deborah's This & That says:

Subbed 😁

Sydnee Rasmussen says:

Could you share the recipes you used for this meal plan?

BlueFriend says:

I was looking for beginner vegan plus food prep so that there are easy meals to grab from the freezer. Thankyou for the curry recipe food prep !

Irma Cruz says:

Where can I get the container's

May Kuku says:

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Noelle Wisdom iMagez says:

You gave me an idea how to set up my kitchen lol

LJ Tanner says:

It all looks great but…can you please not say “pimp it up”? That’s a reference to pimps promoting their prostitutes and a reference to victimization and trafficking. Thank you.

tom harvey says:

Seriously since I found YouTube a year ago!!!! I feel super empowered

karen walsh says:

Awww I've just found you guys….you are amazing..looking forward to getting your cookbooks….vegan love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Virginie Lacombe says:

Oh! All three recipes looks super yummy!

hlongs hlongs says:

I would like a link for the bowls you use. Are they reusable?. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Jill says:

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Tate Dougherty says:

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Dian Kane says:

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Nipsey Mafia says:

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Hannah says:

Wheres the protein?

Hayley Penny says:

Should use plantains as they are naturally sweet and fry much better

Janiyah Sims says:

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