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MY SUGAR DETOX IS ALMOST OVER LOL YAYYYYY! Anywhoosie thought I would show you what I buy and easy vegan tacos that you can eat on a sugar dextox!

thumbs up for more grocery hauls!

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Nathalie Mora says:

Definitely trying this recipe!

Olinda Rosales says:

Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦

Courtney says:

Hola Senorita! I love your look in this video! 💃 I NEED to do a sugar detox, this whole month I have been binging on sugar every night 😩 Bring on Sugar Free September! 💙 I also love the background song in this video, what is it? @samozkural

mariam darboe says:

I love your videos so much 💞✨✨

lindaBelmont88 says:

This is awesome I’m currently doing the sugar detox also and I’ll definitely be trying those chickpea tacos!! Thank you for this video girly:)

S A says:

Hey I was wondering if you were going to do vlogtober like last year💕 those are my favorite videos of yours❤️

Holly Abel says:

I am on my own personal journey to becoming a better me as well as helping others become a better them. I love learning and am looking for people to connect with. To educate myself from and to spread my knowledge with them! follow my instagram @_hollyabel

Ali Perdomo says:

The caprese salad sounds SO GOOD!!!!!

Tayler Laibovitz says:

Try adding frozen cauliflower to your smoothies for bulk and creaminess. I also make mine with mooala banana milk , with the cauliflower….it’s amazing and low sugar!

Yoselin Melgar says:

Are you following a specific sugar detox?

Leah Varner says:

Your sugar detox videos brought me to your channel. I’m currently sugar detoxing to help with acne and overall health. Love these videos. Keep em coming❤️❤️❤️

whitecloudov says:

Honestly I never make anything you post just love watching it but those tacos 🌮 look bomb and will be on my shopping list very soon! I am so addicted to sugar that I am kinda scared to give it up – not sure what will happen 😬 Great Video=) Always inspo for healthy living

Alexia Varnava says:

You look sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Austin says:

Love this, love you

sav halby says:

You look amazing!!

Joanna Mesiano says:

If you buy frozen avocado’s it’s great in a smoothie because it’s like ice and cools down your smoothie

cuddle bug says:

You don't need a new pan! Stains just mean you cook a lot 😛

Gabrielle Jones says:

I like to make my own avocado vinaigrette and it’s super easy and yummy, you get your fats in and I personally don’t like the texture of avocados so making it into a vinaigrette really helps!

EasyEats says:

Those tacos look soo yummy!

Diego and Hollie Ortiz says:

I love how your man talks to you 😊

Lacie Pratt says:

I almost bought nut pods today, but then I saw ripple creamer. The original is sugar, nut, soy, dairy, and gluten free. The vanilla just has a little sugar, I think. It's cheaper and it has DHA. I'm drinking it now and it's good.

Elle McCray says:

Where is your shirt from PLS! 😍 love your personality and this vid is perfect

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