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DELICIOUS Easy Vegan Sugar Cookies | Plus Royal Icing |

DELICIOUS Easy Vegan Sugar Cookies | Plus Royal Icing

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Full Recipe: https://veggierose.com/vegan-christmas-sugar-cookies/


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Veggie Rose says:

It was brought to my attention that a few people were having trouble with the cookie dough being a bit crumbly so I adjusted the recipe on the blog!

The Mechanic Jojo says:

How long can these be stored?

The Mechanic Jojo says:

So easy will do

S A says:

Can I have the icing recipe please?🙏

Jiya Tahilyani says:

What about the measurements of ingredients

Sharon Agustina says:

Hi just wondering can i use margarine instead?thanks

Laura Lopez says:

I Accidentally added to much almond extract in the dough but I think I be okay

Str8upongames says:

Could I use coconut flour instead of all purpose?

Bindu Arora says:

Any substitute for aquafaba?

Sherry says:

Hey Rose! Not sure if you respond to older videos but I just made the dough for this recipe and its like sand and doesn't really hold together. I have added a few splashes of plant milk and it seems to be better. I was wondering if you have any recommendations? Aside from the dough not holding together it tastes nice.

Jillydisco says:

How do I store these !??

Alexandra Vera Ruiz says:

What kind of white sugar do you use?


Does anyone have the measurements please?

Taty Serra says:

Icing come in Hard??

THEE Person376 says:

Does anyone have the gram measurements please?

binalanilbhai patel says:

Can u tell the measurements of all ingredients please

Vallari Ghag says:

What are the measurements???

Kaki Mui says:

My dough is so crumbly. I can’t roll it out

Grishma Bhawsar says:

How can we substitute aquafaba in icing? I’m not a vegan

Jessica English says:

Just wondering are these cookies more soft or hard after baking? :)) 💜

lavanya Bhatia says:

Is it ok if we use parchment paper on a normal tray to bake cookies

What degree do we have to bake it for

lavanya Bhatia says:

And can we use white chocolate as icing

Ayan Farmanova says:

Regular white sugar is non-vegan because they filter it using bone char – that is, charred and powdered animal bone. Isn’t it?

Amaira Garg says:

I think making holes with a fork would be better. It won't make the cookie too puffy. I tried that and it turned and it turned out to be soo good.

francesca sibley says:

alot of white sugar isnt vegan, could I use brown sugar to make the cookies?

Aayushi Parmar says:

can you pls tell what is agua afava and where can i get it?? love ur recipe btw

Hello Person says:

Thank you, I will make this next month! I also love your background! Thank you, again!!

Marisa Esteves says:

The recipe is not online anymore 🙁

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